The Bear Necessities for a Wedding!

The sun’s out, champagne’s on ice, and couples are getting ready to say “I do.” But with the exception of the marriage vows, it’s the guests who arguably face the biggest question: what to buy the couple that may already have everything?

Easy: a teddy bear. Yes, you read that correctly. Is there any better symbol of enduring affection than a teddy bear? And not just any old bear: we’re talking the iconic Steiff bear. They go back a very long way—to 1880, in fact, when seamstress Margarete Steiff started making handstitched felt animals for children, the world’s first soft toy. She was later joined by nephew Richard who created the prototype for today’s incarnation by giving the bear its articulated joints. Older examples are now collectors’ items that change hands at auction for astonishing sums.

So, meet the Wedding Collection’s bride and groom bears, each sporting meticulous wedding attire, and with five joints that allow their limbs and head to move. Created from the finest white mohair, Bride Teddy Bear wears a selection of Swarovski crystals, including three on her head like a diadem, and a crystal heart necklace that doubles as a beautiful (human) bracelet. Bridegroom Teddy Bear wears a bow tie around his neck embellished with a single crystal. Both bride and groom have the infinity symbol on the sole of the right foot, signifying eternal love.

Wedding Gift: Steiff Bears embellished with Swarovski crystalsAlternatively, give them Pendant Wedding Teddy Bears. Despite being just 9cm long, these intricate accessories share many of the same features of their larger cousins, including the signature “button in ear” trademark. and the articulated Steiff joints that enable them to sit, stand, or strike a wedding pose. The bride sports a white lace collar and patterned body embellished with a single crystal, while her beau has a black patterned outfit and a crystal-encrusted bow tie. With an accompanying chain and lucky charm, this dashing duo can be worn on a necklace or bracelet. Even the gift box is stunning.

For sentimental value, the Wedding Dove Set is a perfect love match. An international symbol of love, the dainty 7cm doves’ beaks are crafted in blue, while their wings, tails and breasts sparkle with brilliant crystals from Swarovski.

With their mega-cutness, collectibility, and the fact that they bring with them beautiful gifts for the real bridal couple, Steiff has come up with a pair of bears that are not just wonderful mementos of a very special day, but will be heirlooms for generations to come. Discover the collection on www.steiff.com.