The Lightest Step

Hotel Sacher Wien in Vienna

Forget Louboutin’s iconic crimson flash, this year’s foot fetish is all about Lori Silverman’s crystallized soles. These beauties will have you walking on light—literally—with over 3,000 tiny Swarovski crystals applied to the underside of your favorite footwear in all manner of colors and designs. Love leopard skin?

Hotel Sacher Wien in Vienna

There’s a killer heel with purrfect sparkling spots. Crazy for glittering stripes, zebra-style? Check. Or perhaps only Swarovski’s spectacular Aurora Borealis effect will do? Whatever your taste, there’s a Silverman “solemate” for every fashion maven, and you can find yours at a new year-long installation inside Vienna’s Hotel Sacher Wien.

One of the world’s great luxury hotels—guests have included John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi and Queen Elizabeth—the shoe showcase couldn’t have found a more appropriate home. Approach the main staircase and you’ll see a huge vitrine lit by shimmering cascades. Look a little closer and you’ll discover propped and hanging among the light-filled strands are a collection of crystal-soled pumps, boots and sandals fit for a fairytale princess. Shanina Shaik, Maren Morris and Hailey Baldwin have stepped out in theirs. So floor it, because they’ll soon start running out of the stores!