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With a degree in finance and electrical engineering, Elizabeth Morris started her professional career in corporate finance. In 2012, she quit the corporate world to turn her obsession into a business, parlaying her financial acumen into founding a nail universe called “The Nail Hub,” famous for its podcasts on iTunes powered by NAILSmagazine. Her mission was, and is, to help other nail professionals improve their skills and their businesses; to that end, she provides thousands of nail technicians and salons with top-quality business advice, technical education and motivational support, and product suggestions. She has enormous respect for nail artists, referring to them as “mini Picassos on tiny nail canvases,” and 106,000 of them return the respect by following her on Instagram.

July 2018 Nails Magazine Cover

Thanks to NAILS magazine, Elizabeth shares with us her sparkly “summer at your fingertips” textured nail look. As a big fan of Swarovski Crystals, this more-is-more snow cone design looks good enough to eat!

1 Prep the nails. Sculpt into a stiletto shape, cure, and then perfect them with a hand file.  Paint them with colored gel. Keep some nails white, and paint others using red, yellow, and blue. The primary colors will mix together to create secondary shades just like syrup on a real snow cone. Cure.

2 Start with a wet layer of a thicker flexible gel, and then sprinkle Swarovski Crystalpixie over all the nails. Use a spatula to tuck in bits of crystal while the nail is still uncured, for a clean finish.

3 Use a mixture of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and color gel to create a gel syrup to apply over the Crystalpixie on the white nails, and cure.

4 Decorate other nails by creating a rainbow ombré, curing, and then adding large Swarovski crystals. Finally, sprinkle Crystalpixie over the remainder of the nail.

For more tutorials and inspiration, check out The Nail Hub Youtube channel for in-depth tutorials and salon business advice.