Wedding Gifts That Will Steal Their Hearts

You’ve been invited to the wedding of the year; your outfit is on point; you’ve booked the hotel; but now you’re faced with the terror of choosing The Right Gift. The fact that the practice of giving a bridal gift dates all the way back to 3,000 BC adds even more stress—we should know by now, huh?
In those days, a wedding gift took the form of a dowry paid to the bride’s family in land, animals or money—functional and a lot less glamorous, but so much more straightforward. During the Renaissance, ornate marriage chests containing the bride’s future “wifely” goods became the norm. Fast-forward 400 years, and the American bride received a leather basket filled with keys to mark her new status as mistress of the house.It wasn’t until 1924 that the first wedding-gift registry was unveiledby US department store, Macy’s.

Happily, the strain has been taken out of gift giving with these stylish ideas. Why not give a fragrance? It creates an aromatic memory that will forever be associated with their wedding day, and is very “now.” Exclusive fragrances from the go-to, high-end French Parfums Micallef are sensuous and sophisticated: for the bride, Rose Extreme and Pure Extreme have beautiful rose and fruit accents, with the Pure version having a slightly headier hit of amber and musk. Jacaranda is perfect for both bride and groom, an oriental unisex scent with the warmth of Indian spices, amber and sandalwood. But the bottles are to die for—crystal-embellished collectibles in their own right.

Wedding Gifts with Swarovski Crystals
Champagne Mazarus

Another exclusive French gift idea is world-famous Champagne Mazarus. Fresh and citrusy, it takes its name from Cardinal Jules Mazerin, a key figure during the reign of King Louis XIV whose appreciation for fine jewelry led him to amass an enviable personal collection. In homage to Cardinal Mazerin, each sleek black Mazarus bottle is adorned with a sparkling crystal from Swarovski; it’s also available in a gift presentation that includes two elegant glasses. A beautiful way to toast the future. 

Weddings Gifts with Swarovski Crystals
Design Wuliangye

In China, tradition demands that the happy couple is toasted with a complex wine called Chinese Spirit, which has a 5,000-year history and is an important cultural symbol of social cohesion. The bottle design of the famous Wuliangye was inspired by a diamond wedding ring. Framed by a gold-colored metal circle, the clear glass is printed with a delicate Wuliangye logo and two signature Swarovski swans, and embellished with a 50mm sparkling Swarovski Chaton. A timeless and collectible work of art.

Is there a footwear label anywhere on the planet with a more dedicated following than UGG? The Australian brand that has put cachet into cozy has exceeded themselves by adding crystal motifs that turn fashionable into fabulous. Take a look at the crystal-monogrammed slippers and choose whichever permutation suits—“Mr.” and “Mrs.”, “Mr.” and “Mr.”, or “Mrs.” and “Mrs,” or just add your own celebratory saying, from “Cheers!” to champagne bottles and more.

Wedding Gifts with Swarovski Crystals
Design UGG

In addition to its cult-classic slippers, UGG also has two luxurious bathrobes that you and your partner can customize with crystal motifs: the Brunswick Robe for men and the Duffield Robe for women. If you’re ordering your UGG gifts online, all you have to do is drop by your nearest UGG store to choose the custom crystal motif that’s just right. Happiness becomes real when it’s shared—and that, surely, is what memorable wedding gifts are all about.