Your Star-Studded Year

Vogue Germany Horoscope 2018

2018’s first total lunar eclipse falls on January 31, signifying great changes ahead. Then, in April, the moon is in Aries, which will bring a fizzing energy to every sign of the zodiac. With change comes opportunity, and these unusually dynamic conditions are why Susan Miller, astrologer to the stars and founder of astrologyzone.com, has created this special horoscope for VOGUE GERMANY.

Now is the time prepare to turn to your advantage whatever may happen over the next twelve months. Read on for insights and inspirations beautifully illuminated with sparkling crystals from Swarovski—ideas that will light your way as you navigate the year ahead.

For 2018, Saturn has prescribed a complete overhaul for you! It includes body, mind and soul. You’ll love this new version of yourself, so find out how to get it.

Expect to make spectacular gains in 2018! You fishy folk can look forward to new horizons, new perspectives and new friends. Discover where they are.

You lucky, lucky rams! New Year brings new luck as your stars come into perfect alignment. Wedding bells? Promotion? Find out where luck will strike in 2018.

Life’s about to get a whole lot more exciting! You’ll achieve so much more during 2018, and in great company, too. Discover why you’ll have the stardust touch.

Wow! It’s over ten years since you’ve had a constellation like this! For most of 2018, Jupiter will be bringing you a host of heavenly gifts. Find out what they are.

It’s your year to fall in love! Already partnered up? Then Cupid is determined to bring you closer. Either way, in 2018 relationships will blossom. Find out why.

All you lions out there are definitely going to get things done in 2018! But you’re going to need help to seize every day. Vogue’s horoscope will show you where to get it.

2018 is your year to get noticed! Find out why people will be paying attention to you, and why this year can be a firm foundation for your future.

Thank heaven for 2017, because in 2018 those seeds you planted will come into spectacular bloom! Discover where your fortune will grow in the year ahead.

Lucky Jupiter doesn’t leave your side this year! That’s right—in 2018, the stars are giving you scorpions the VIP treatment. Find out how to make the most of it.

With help from Saturn, your finances are under control. This year, you’ll reap the rewards with enticing prospects and business ideas. See how to take advantage of the opportunities.

This is a vintage year to set personal goals! During 2018, the stars are aligned to help you make a success of whatever you aim for. Get your guidance from Vogue’s horoscope.