You’re Never too big to own a Tchi Tchi Doll

These days, it’s not enough to have the latest designer bag—a statement tote needs its own accessories. For some time now, fashionistas have been adorning their arm candy with everything from key rings and tassels to fruit and furry creatures (not to mention Fendi’s mini likeness of Karl Lagerfeld). Now there’s a new must-have accessory on the block—the Tchi Tchi doll. 
Swarovski crystals add sparkle to Tchi Tchi doll

This oh-so-adorable handbag charm is the creation of Fadia Dekmak, a fashion expert for the Lebanese TV channel, LBC. Tchi Tchi dolls may be tiny, but with their Swarovski-embellished designer outfits and fabulous faux fur coiffures, they pack a serious fashion punch.

Swarovski crystals add sparkle to Tchi Tchi doll
The Beirut-based designer first toyed with the idea when she decided to make a doll for a friend’s daughter. Playing around with sizes and proportions, Fadia realized that the smallest version was just perfect for adding a touch of street style to a classic bag. She made a couple of samples and posted pictures on Instagram; bloggers and influencers pounced on them. The Tchi Tchi line was launched in 2014, with Swarovski partnering with the brand two years later.

Each Tchi Tchi doll takes 10–15 days to make, with Fadia overseeing the whole process. The dolls are hand-sewn using the finest materials: luxe faux fur, pure silk, French lace and, of course, Swarovski crystals. “The design of each doll starts with an experimentation phase, in which we determine the perfect combination of cuts, colors, shapes and sizes,” explains Fadia. “Once the design is chosen, the crystals are handpicked and placed with extreme care and precision. We then pair them with the highest quality textiles and fabrics. We pride ourselves on authenticity.”

Swarovski crystals add sparkle to Tchi Tchi dollTchi Tchi’s Fall Winter 2017 collection features “Miss Roxie”, whose demurely downcast eyes and cupid-bow lips contrast with her wild hair and seriously sassy, Gatsby-esque Swarovksi crystal dress. She will be joined by a further four Tchi Tchi dolls channeling a 1920s bohemian vibe. Fans of these cutest of handbag charms (Eva Longoria is one) can find them on Tchi Tchi’s online store or in Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and Seventh Heaven in Bahrain.