Manish Arora designs for Swarovski Kristallwelten

Come spring, the stages and windows at Swarovski Kristallwelten (Crystal World) will be adorned with exclusive displays by renowned Indian designer Manish Arora.

An expression of the motto “Life is Beautiful”, the art spaces at three locations in Austria – Wattens, Innsbruck and Vienna will epitomize happiness, joy, and glorious celebration. The visually enticing installations aim to transport the guests into a glamorous fantasy world of vivid flowers, birds, animals, sweet temptations and exotic landscapes. “Life is Beautiful” is a physical rendition of design language, distinguished by its unmistakable rich colouring and the designer’s modern interpretations of traditional Indian elements.

I love the diversity and the unique sparkle of Swarovski crystals, which challenges me to highlight the diverse facets and dazzling colours of the crystals. Swarovski Crystal Worlds has impressively demonstrated that – just like me – they are not afraid of colours,” says Manish Arora.

Recounting the past collaborations with the distinguished Indian designer, Carla Rumler, the Cultural Director at Swarovski says, “Back in 2004, we worked with Manish Arora to develop the innovative heart-shaped crystal components for an opulent jewelry collection – even before his debut at the London Fashion Week in 2005. The exhibition ‘Life is Beautiful’ for Swarovski Crystal Worlds is certainly the crowning glory of our longstanding and successful cooperation.”

The fascination continues with Manish Arora, as he also collaborates with Swarovski Crystals, as part of a collective of 11 designers for an exclusive jewelry collection. Echoing the slogan “Life is Beautiful”, his designs reflect unique and powerful creative sensibilities. Bursts of neon green, sunny yellow and radiant fuchsia in the jewelry will transfer you to an opulent, magical world.

Manish Arora’s jewelry crafted for Confluence is now available on www.amazon.in/confluence