A Fashion Guerilla With Influence

Super-blogger Danielle Bernstein

“Power blogger” Danielle Bernstein is a 23-year-old Fashion Institute of Technology grad with over one million Instagram followers watching her every move on WeWoreWhat.com. She’s the cool girl that everyone wants to look like, and she has parlayed it into a revenue stream that calls for her to be part-editor/writer documenting fashion, news and events; part-model wearing the looks; and part-reality star giving followers a glimpse of her glamorous life. In reality, to be this good is very hard work, and it takes shrewdness, well-honed business acumen, and razor-sharp instincts. She’s a huge success story who has made the leap from cyberspace to mainstream: Look out for Anna Wintour on the front row of the shows, and you’ll see Danielle seated close by.
Danielle BernsteinWhat persuaded you to open up your life via your blog? That takes courage and resilience.  
WeWoreWhat started as streetstyle blog providing a daily source of outfit inspiration for something that should be the easiest part of your day—getting dressed in the morning. A few months into my blog, I turned the camera on myself and started photographing my personal style. I’ve always thought of my blog as a service for young women around the world.  

Is it hard to stay true to yourself when you are constantly asked to shout out about various brands?  
Learning when to say no has been one of the most important parts of being a successful blogger. I’ll never post about something I don’t truly like.  

Did you set out with the ambition to acquire a million followers, or did it happen organically?  
My social media following is the product of organic growth over the past four years.  

Keeping up with refreshing your blog daily must require a strong sense of organization and scheduling. Are you laidback in your business aspirations, or are you driven?  
Very driven—with the help of an awesome team, it’s easy to stay organized.  

What in particular grabbed you about the Tech Dreamersinspired by Swarovski event in Florence this month?  
The custom dresses designed with Swarovski were some of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen.  

Would you describe yourself as a dreamer?  
Of course, but I’m definitely more of a realistic thinker and entrepreneur.  

Do you personally do any fashion designing or collaborating?  
I’m working on my first design project at the moment and can’t wait to share it.  

Do you take care of the techy side of your business yourself, or do you have a support person/team?  
I do mostly everything myself, but sometimes hire a freelancer for backend coding.  

You mention on the Firenze4Ever site that your dream app would be one that catalogs the contents of your closet, and reminds you what you’ve worn with each outfit. Would you ever invest in something nifty with a practical application?  
I would totally invest in something like this if the opportunity presented itself.  

Your favorite piece in the Swarovski collection at LUISAVIAROMA? Why?  
The Blu Marine dress: the detailing and its almost chainmail look was stunning.  

Give us your take on the coming trends for Spring/Summer.  
I’m really looking forward to monochromatic outfits in neutral tones. I really love wearing different shades of beige, and it looks great in the spring.  

And your next big ambition?  
The design project I’m working on. It’s launching in a few months!