Activewear That’s for More Than Just Sport

Five minutes with Marc Cain

Marc Cain’s Activewear Sparkles with Swarovski crystalsSo, we’re nearly halfway through the year, and our New Year get-fit resolution has started to weaken. But there is a solution—and trust us, it’s motivational: get some new sports kit. Even better, kit that will take you from bench-pressing to brunch, and shopping to a show—in fact, add a sharp jacket and you might even get away with it in the workplace. It’s called “athleisure,” and we need look no further than German brand Marc Cain’s seriously stylish line accented with Swarovski crystals—a mega-hit among party girls and gym bunnies alike.

Is athleisure having a moment, or is it a massive cultural shift that is here to stay
The sporty trend is influencing the world of fashion more and more. Women don’t want to be forced to compromise on style—even when they’re working out. Designing attractive activewear means it can be seamlessly integrated into an everyday wardrobe. Comfort and style are equally important, which is why rigidity and restriction have never been part of the Marc Cain design thinking. Athleisure is like any piece of clothing in our collection—it’s all about how comfort and style give you the freedom to express yourself. Another great thing about athleisure is that accessories become more relevant because they elevate any look; this allows flexibility, because you can dress it up or down according to the occasion.

Is this look targeted purely at the youth market?
Athleisure is not a matter of age or gender—it’s a matter of individual styling. Marc Cain subscribes to the principle of an ageless society where youth and gender are not important. What is important is how people feel when wearing our brand.

Have employers begun to accept athleisure as office-wear yet?
We design athleisure that looks smart and beautiful and allows women to radiate a certain attitude—this is what is important. It’s not necessarily what you wear but howyou wear it. But yes, in general you could say it’s more common to wear athleisure if you work in the creative industry, for example, than in the financial sector.

What was it like working with crystals on your fabrics?
Over the years, we have worked with Swarovski on many pieces in our fitwear collection. We sent out our requirements and Swarovski implemented everything. The collaboration has always been very smooth, from the question of timing to the high quality observed by both brands. Technically, Swarovski works perfectly on our pieces.