Adelina Rusu

Adelina Rusu was born in Romania. Her passion for fashion emerged early on with her grandmother, a dressmaker who taught her everything about design, proportions and pattern. Art, fashion and creativity was not everything for Adelina´s family, a bunch of entrepreneurs, so, Adelina, motivated by the family business studied maths and computer. The plan was to take control of her parents business.

Her studies have helped her to maintain a realistic perspective to create her business and her experience in the family business have helped her to develop leadership skills. But something was missing in her work, and that “something” was art, she felt she had to create something from scratch.


This is why she founded her own company in October, 2014, a company that carries her name. In June of 2015, she had a team producing each of her designs from the beginning, she did not have to wait long time to see realized her dream. Her first collection was invited to parade in Arabia´s fashion week. At the beginning of November of 2015, Adelina Rusu’s designs shined on Dubai´s  catwalk.

The brand was specially designed for a dynamic and powerful woman. Adelina Rusu brings elegance and distinction through her precious clothes with luxurious fabrics and custom-made garments.

“Nice to meet you” by Adelina Rusu