An Exclusive Interview with Sarah Brightman

We caught up with the Legendary Soprano before she embarked on the Japan Leg of Her HYMN World Tour

Sarah Brightman’s grueling 125-date HYMN World Tour schedule hasn’t dimmed her famous sparkle. We find out how she keeps on shining night after night; how the bond between her and her fans is stronger than ever; what her favorite pieces from her signature collection are; and what she’s looking forward to as she gets ready to perform in Japan from April 15–26.

How does it feel to be back touring again? What’s your favorite part?
It’s been amazing being back on tour and visiting so many of my favorite countries again. I’ve just finished South America, Mexico, the US and Canada, and I’m very much looking forward to touring Japan in a couple of weeks. Seeing the fans reactions to my HYMN show, and so many familiar faces throughout my travels, are two of my favorite parts about touring.

Your HYMN tour covers 125 cities – how do you maintain your voice and energy during such a grueling schedule?
I try not to think about how many shows are involved in the tour, and instead I just focus on enjoying each performance one day at a time. And obviously I make sure I get plenty of rest.

You’re about to embark on the Japan leg of the tour – what do you love most about this region?
Japan is one of my favorite countries in the world to tour, and I love everything about this beautiful place, including its culture and the cuisine. The fans are always so lovely and very supportive.

What are some of your favorite stage outfits to wear during this tour?
It’s very difficult to choose, because I love all the costumes on this tour. The beautiful Swarovski crystals have added such incredible sparkle and dimension to all of my dresses and tiaras.

You launched your signature collection with Swarovski crystals a few months ago; what kind of reaction have you had from the fans? Tell us which pieces are your favorites?
The reaction to the collection has been wonderful, and I enjoy seeing all the lovely pictures of fans wearing many of the pieces. Each item has special meaning, but two of my personal favorites are the dragonfly necklace and the flower brooch. A lot of fans notice that I wear these two special pieces on my HYMN costumes during each performance.

You have collaborated with some amazing artists on the HYMN album, including Yoshiki. Can you tell us more about working with him? Did you know each other prior to this album?
Yoshiki is such a wonderful composer and artist, and I really enjoyed working on the song “Miracle” with him. I met him many years ago when we both worked on the film Repo! The Genetic Opera.

Shop the collection at http://swarovs.ki/sbcollection. For further information about the HYMN tour, visit http://swarovs.ki/sbtickets