Cris Herrmann

The Brazilian model talks jewelry and cover shoots

The new year gets off to a glamorous start with Swarovski magazine’s January cover, featuring Brazilian model Cris Herrmann’s steady gaze beneath spectacular tribal head jewelry from Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier. We caught her at the studio, where we watched her pull off that trick that only models know how to do—switching between completely different personae as she projected a variety of moods for the camera.

The results are arresting: ultra-chic, minimalist, black-and-white images, showing jewelry that’s fringed and studded, sculptural and structured, created by talented young designers. These are complemented by pictures of the team in action, directed by Katharina Kowalewski: fashion stylist Stefanie Miano, make-up artist Georgia Pambianchi, hair stylist Franco Argento and photographer Marianna Sanvito—all busy transforming Cris Herrmann’s look. Stefanie Miano sees it as bold—almost punk—with Mohican hair and casual outfits set off with sparkling accessories from Swarovski: “Strong jewelry completely boosts a look,” she says. “It gives it personality.” Georgia Pambianchi brings a glow to her face with a fresh, light satiny make-up in nude tones. Franco Argento’s hairstyles are artfully careless, yet groomed: “She shouldn’t look too glamorous—she’s chic but ‘normal’.” The final look is strong and coolly elegant, bathed in soft light and captured in close-up by Marianna Sanvito. But let’s hear what Cris Herrmann, herself, has to say about the whole experience: 

How did you prepare for the shoot? 
A light supper and an early night to get a decent night’s sleep; then an equally early start to give me time for a good breakfast before the shoot. 

How do you see the Swarovski woman? 
She’s chic and classic, but at the same time powerful. 

What shoot guidelines were you given? 
No special instructions as such, other than to look intently into the lens and maintain a neutral facial expression. My only brief was to convey the mood using only my eyes. 

What’s your favorite piece in the collection? 
Delphine’s head jewelry that was shot for the cover: all the pieces are beautiful, but that one is truly amazing. 

Do you prefer the catwalk or modeling for magazine editorials? 
Photoshoots are much more fun—I like seeing the outcome, and how I appear in the images.