Crystals for Cars

The S–Class Coupé

It’s what all the best-dressed cars would be wearing if they could, but Mercedes-Benz has always been ahead of the pack. For sheer crystal power, nothing beats the headlamp design of the S-Class Coupé.
For a ride that’s guaranteed to raise eyebrows from Mumbai to Memphis and all countries in between, there’s little to rival the envy-inducing Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé. Sleek, purring, and extraordinarily luxurious, with enough computer power to operate a telecoms corporation, it is, says Gorden Wagener, Vice President Design Daimler AG, who created the car, “as good as it gets in the world of luxury cars.” 

At the time, he was talking in an exclusive video interview in honor of Swarovski’s 120th anniversary. He pointed out that the two companies have much in common: both Mercedes-Benz and Swarovski are luxury brands; each has a long heritage; both are totally focused on delivering flawless quality, precision engineering, and a high aesthetic; and both have the agility to continually reinterpret their brands in step with the changing needs and fluid trends of modern society. 

“The Mercedes-Benz design philosophy is ‘sensual purity’, which is the equivalent of modern luxury,” he explains. “Modernity is clean, pure and high-tech, and luxury is emotional, sexy and opulent.” This philosophy comes to life in the S-Class Coupé’s ‘eyes’—in other words, its headlamps. Emblazoned with 47 Swarovski crystals that combine style with substance in a level of light function that’s second to none, the headlamps are the point where tasteful elegance meets high technology.