Fashion Meets Engineering!

The duo behind the AAVVA label have merged two unlikely disciplines

Dubai has become a hub for the new and the next, from fashion to architecture to fine art. So perhaps it’s no surprise that one fashion team is straddling two of these worlds: Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia bring training in engineering and passion for design to the table, lending a unique twist to their Dubai-based brand, AAVVA. With sleek and colorful styles that blend their Lebanese and Brazilian backgrounds, this pair of designers is making waves where East meets West.

We believe that Art is in everything. Since we do both engineering and design now, we know that art is the basis of both. Ahmad had studied fashion design, and when we met in Dubai it seemed like it was for a reason. We weren’t thinking about where this would go; we just knew we had a deep passion, so we followed our instincts. 

AAVVA Atelier

Our primary focus right now is ladies’ apparel, but we are also actively working on home décor. Our menswear and children’s wear will be launching soon, but first and foremost, we are dedicated to providing the best possible styles for women. 

We consider the city and our cultural diversity as tools to shape our brand.From its high-rise buildings to the striking infrastructure to the modern vibe, Dubai is every engineer or artist’s dream. We’ve been successful with both our Eastern and Western clientele because we know what to pick from our respective cultures and the city of Dubai, and how to blend them in a way that lets women’s natural beauty shine.

AAVVA Atelier

We put a lot of thought into designs that incorporate Swarovski crystals. We want to present something classic yet innovative, while capturing the beauty of the crystals. In order for the design to come out as clean and attractive as it does, we believe in planning everything at the start, right down to the tiniest details. This means the smallest crystals, the mix of fabrics, the combinations—we pay attention to every single detail.

Our big plan is the launch of our new AAVVA store in Dubai! It’s going to open soon and will combine aspects of home décor with Brazilian artistry. The entire AAVVA Couture Collection, from ready-to-wear to casual, will be housed there. It will definitely be helpful to our clients to be able to come to the store and see for themselves what they like from AAVVA’s ranges.