Fashion’s Next Generation: August Getty Atelier

Los Angeles-based dress designer extraordinaire August Getty’s trademark style translates to jaw-dropping, body-conscious gowns that ooze sass and dial glamour up to eleven. His creations tread the line between fantasy and reality, instantly empowering the wearer.

The August Getty Atelier brand debuted at Spring/Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week in 2015, sending August Getty’s star into instant orbit. These days, the 23-year-old’s line is carried by some of the most prestigious boutiques in the world, including Maxfield in Los Angeles and Blake in Chicago.

Scion of the American Getty clan, even as a toddler he was mesmerized by mother Ariadne Getty’s couture collection: “I used to dress up metal forks by making gowns out of napkins…and I’d cut up my mom’s silk shoe bags to make couture for Barbie dolls.” Self-taught, he designs using the time-honored technique of moulage that’s beloved of haute couturiers, involving draping and pinning fabrics on a mannequin, and scissors, needle and thread. He took time out to explain his approach and where it all started.

August Getty

Creativity has always been in my DNA. There was never a moment when I didn’t consider myself a designer. I’ve always been interested in the arts—indeed, I was classically trained as a dancer. I’ve been working on my craft since a very young age, but professionally I got started with an internship working under Cameron Silver (Fashion Director of H by Halston and H Halston) when I was fifteen years old.

I’m a hands-on individual
it’s just the way I learnt. It feels natural and intuitive. I appreciate the technical part of the process. I connect more when my hands are on the fabric.

It takes a lot of expert hands to make a beautiful garment come to life
. It seems like my team and I mentor each other with each piece that we work on together. I feel like I’m learning every day.

I’m inspired by blatant glamour, obvious beauty, and intentional lifestyles
. Do I think I’ll run out of ideas? This is only year four—ask me in another sixty…

My fascination with Swarovski started with my mother’s Louboutin shoes
. Looking into a single Swarovski stone is like staring into another dimension! Sometimes I plan the look around the embellishment, other times I decorate the look after the fact.

I think strong looks are always relevant.
 I don’t get hung up on trends or seasons—I think sexy will always be in style, and glamour is what women want. A woman’s body dictates the look, and obviously each woman’s body is different. That’s why we’ll never run out of ideas!

August Getty