Give Your Wedding Dress Serious Standout

Think of the wedding gown as the star of the show, and your accessories as the supporting act that elevates its overall impact. This is why you need to give time and consideration to what accessories you’re going to use to finish off your dress. In the course of your research, do talk to experts who have had years of experience in wedding jewelry.

One such is British brand Jon Richard, this year’s winner of the Best Bridal Jewelry category at The UK Wedding Awards 2018. You can see its range online and at 130 UK department stores, where you’ll find over a thousand wedding and occasionwear lines. These span everything from necklaces and bracelets, earrings and hair accessories, including tiaras, hair vines, combs and halos.

The brand is famous for beautiful pieces that suit a range of preferences, from bold, vintage-inspired statement designs to fine and elegant silver pieces—traditional or bohemian—and a selection of stunning statement tiaras. “Classic wedding jewelry is what we do best, but we try to create a balance with timeless feminine style that gives a nod to the trends,” says Laura Steel, Senior Bridal Buyer at Jon Richard. “We look at trends on the catwalks around the world and visit high-profile global jewelry shows, and then we adapt the inspiration to what we know our customers love and look for.”

This extends to beyond the bride—Jon Richard caters for the entire wedding party. There are beautiful jewels for bridesmaids along with hair accessories embellished with Swarovski crystals, among them the brand’s signature bestselling Swarovski Heart collection.

Among their most stunning jewelry is the Swarovski crystal-embellished Silver Aqua collection, with its ice-blue drop earrings, necklace and bangle. “We’ve been working with Swarovski for a number of years,” says Laura. “Our favorite cuts are the pendant styles in the heart, pear and baguette shapes, and Bermuda Blue is our bestselling color.”

Winning the Best Bridal Jewelry award at The UK Wedding Awards was a well-deserved recognition of excellence—particularly because it was the public vote that won it for them! As Laura says: “It’s wonderful when it pays off like this.”