Heidi Daus’ Scene Stealers

Jewelry that does more than sparkle

Heidi Daus, American jewelry designer

American jewelry designer Heidi Daus is one dynamic, bold and passionate lady—with a brand to match. Her opulent and colorful statement pieces stole the spotlight at the 2016 World Jewelry Facets exhibition in Shanghai earlier this year, and are set to do likewise in Paris and Munich. Her intricate handmade pieces have garnered loyal support since she started the business in 1981. This loyalty has only been increased since she recently designed a glitter-gold crystallized ribbon pin in honor of a friend’s child who sadly died from cancer.

I feel that it’s important to make a difference in this world. Creating this “Sparkle Strong” Childhood Cancer Awareness pin has been a joy. It was motivated by the news that the thirteen-year-old daughter of one of our partners had been diagnosed with this horrible disease, and she sadly lost the fight. So we’re giving all the proceeds from sales of this pin to Childhood Cancer charities—there’s more information on my website, HeidiDaus.com.

It was five years before I broke into well-known stores. Before that there were many lean years. I’ll never forget visiting my collection on display at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York for the first time. The sense of accomplishment was immeasurable. Years later, I took my three sons to see my jewelry at Harrods in that fabulous room of jewelry—another unforgettable moment.

The design process remains my domain, but the company has grown to a team of 20 people. Delegating has been a necessity! Now, I have exceptional and thoughtful people who have helped catapult the brand to a level I could never have dreamed of.

Our jewelry collections are produced in Asia by some of the best costume-jewelry factories in the world.
 In one necklace there could be every type of jewelry-making technique, including hand knotting, stone setting, enameling, manipulation, and casting. When you combine original designs with the highest form of jewelry engineering designed to last a lifetime, you get the best.

Everything beautiful influences my designs
. Fine art, luxurious home décor… Nature is probably the most influential, but travel is also a fabulous source of inspiration, particularly Paris.

My relationship with Swarovski started in the 1980s! 
I remember purchasing my first envelope of Chatons on 36th Street, New York. When I saw what Swarovski had to offer, it really shaped the direction of my designs.  Now, more than ever, there’s an almost intimate relationship between the two companies.

There’s nothing like jewelry to distinguish your style
. The ease of adding a piece to an outfit and totally changing the look is wonderful. I love putting a splendid statement necklace on with a t-shirt, jeans and a great pair of shoes… How chic!