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Swarovski talks vegan athleisure with holster

Ben Nothling and Natalie Miller, the couple behind holster, appear to have it all: Two lovely children and a successful footwear brand based in the idyllic Noosa Beach on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia. Its stylish range of sneakers, jelly flats, sandals, wedges and espadrilles are stocked in thousands of stores worldwide, and worn by the likes of Kylie and Dannii Minogue. So is it the aim to create the ultimate shoe package—comfort and style—that drives the golden pair?

That’s one motivation. The other is to share their good fortune with others. They have a passionate belief in sustainability and ethical practices. After all, it’s nature that inspires Miller’s beautifully embellished designs, and they want future generations to enjoy a planet free from environmental devastation and animal cruelty. That’s why holster is committed to a vegan protocol and recycled packaging materials, offering 100% vegan footwear that is Vegan Society UK and PETA Approved. It also donates to charities around the world. In short, holster not only embodies the idyllic lifestyle, but the ethical one, too.

This forward-looking attitude is why Swarovski is so excited to collaborate with the brand on its #athleisurebeats campaign for the Swarovski Athleisure Collection SS18—we asked them what they think the future holds:

Is athleisure having a moment, or is it a cultural shift that’s here to stay? The world is becoming more health-conscious and in turn people want to live an active lifestyle. As this trend increases, the demand for athleisure should also continue to grow and thrive. At holster, we notice that comfort is at the forefront of our customer’s needs.

Is this look targeted purely at the youth market? First and foremost, athleisure should be targeted to people with an interest in fitness, with age being a secondary demographic. To survive, it does need to cross ages. And you only need to look at the rise of high-end designer sneakers for men to see that styles for all genders would keep it alive. At holster, we find women of all ages are interested in a glam sneaker. If the shoe fits…

Outside the creative industries, have employers begun to accept it as office-wear yet? Is it possible to combine athleisure with tailoring for a business look? Business attire is still the norm in metropolitan areas, so it would depend on the brand, location and office culture as to whether it was deemed acceptable. With holster being a beach brand based in a coastal town, athleisure is accepted in many local offices.

What role do you see crystals playing in athleisure? In the past, holster has incorporated crystals into a few sandals styles, which the market responded to favorably. So we were excited to add them to our exclusive Swarovski Enlighten sneaker. The crystal trims instantly elevated it, bringing it to life and creating high impact on the eyes, as well as the feet.

Swarovski talks vegan athleisure with holster

For a while now, the press have been saying that sustainability is the future of fashion. Can athleisure help make sustainability cool? Sustainability is most definitely the best way forward. Not just in fashion, but across the globe in every single sector of business. Global warming is the biggest issue we will face in our lifetime, and without changes there will be phenomenal and irreversible impacts on the planet. Eco and vegan-friendly products are the future. holster is proud to be registered with The Vegan Society and is constantly working on reducing our carbon footprint. Now is a crucial time for society, brands and governments to stand up and protect this beautiful Earth.