Love in the City of Light

New contributor to Swarovski Online Magazine, Emilie Higle, splits her time between her home in Paris and her business base in Luxembourg, from where she runs her famous blog, My Little Fashion Diary. So who more appropriate to ask about romantic Valentine’s Day gestures than someone who comes from the City of Love?

Interview with Emilie Higle

Is it possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that has meaning, isn’t cheesy, and somehow feels original?
I think cheesy can be romantic and cute! Some people don’t like to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I do—just as I like to celebrate Christmas or my birthday. You can say “I love you” to someone every day of the year, of course, but it’s nice to have a special day to do it and to organize a little something to prove it.

Besides being in the company of the perfect man, is there such a thing as the perfect Valentine’s celebration?
There’s no perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. It’s a day about love, so as long as you get to spend it with the person you love, it doesn’t really matter what you decide to do—it will still be the best day. So no pressure!

Interview with Emilie HigleDescribe the best Valentine’s date you’ve been lucky enough to experience?
Someone I loved very much once took me on a surprise trip and organized an entire day just for us in one of my favorite cities in the world. I loved it.

Eat in or eat out?
Of course, having dinner in a fancy restaurant is great, but it’s also lovely to stay in and cook together, or to surprise your loved one with an amazing dinner that you cooked specially for him/her at home. Restaurants get crowded on Valentine’s Day, and they tend to impose a menu on you, so eating your favorite meal at home can be a great option.

Interview with Emilie HigleDress up or dress down? Any cool ideas for how to look great on this key date night?
I grab any occasion to dress up. Life is short! I would go for a beautiful dress, something that will take his breath away. We only celebrate Valentine’s Day on one day of the year, after all!Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Whatever you decide to do, just do it with love. Take time to remind the person you’re sharing your life with that you love her/him.

Are there any special Valentine’s customs that are specific to your home country, France?
Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal in France. Just like Halloween, it’s way more popular in the States. Some people celebrate, but some don’t because they think it’s too commercial or too American. I personally love Valentine’s Day. But to be honest, most people in France will just buy flowers and maybe go for dinner. Some will buy a piece of jewelry, which in my opinion is the best, haha!

Interview with Emilie Higle