Marco Proietti’s Fancy Footwork

The last word in luxury footwear

One of the luxury footwear industry’s true perfectionists, Marco Proietti lives by his motto: “Life is in details”. That’s why he follows every step of the shoe-making process personally, from initial sketch and development to production and marketing strategy. “Great results are essential,” he says, “On my team you’ll find only those who share my passion.”

Marco ProiettiIt was a passion that developed while he was very young. At the age of just thirteen Proietti knew that his future lay in the world of fashion, describing his love for shoes and accessories as “magnetic”. It was to lead him to the Fashion and Costume Academy in Rome, where he was singled out as a one-off talent: 

“During the fitting for my final show, I arrived with the shoes for the models, which were particularly high boots laced with more than a thousand corsetry micro-hooks. As soon as my professor saw them, she told me that my vocation was to create unique and precious things.”

He opened his own design studio in September 2012, launching his first collection in September 2014 at Milan fashion Week. He has since made a name for sky-high creations that push footwear into the arena of wearable art. We were fascinated to know where Proietti gets his ideas from, and it was no surprise when he replied: “They can come from a song, a picture, a scent, or a masterpiece of fine art.” 

However, high fashion doesn’t mean that dedicated shoe groupies need to suffer for their style, because Proietti is just as uncompromising about comfort as he is about beauty: “Technology and research in the shoe industry are achieving amazing results. Using high-quality, tested materials and components allows you to reach the right balance of fashion and comfort.” To balance the fashion part of the shoe equation, Proietti loves to play with the brilliance of Swarovski crystals, professing a strong attraction for some of the more unusual and charismatic hues, such as Citrine, Blue Zircon and Emerald. “I want to create something out of the ordinary,” he adds.

He is also proud of his footwear’s ‘Made in Italy’ status, where every high-glam heel is painstakingly crafted by artisans, all experts in the creation of limited-edition collections. In truth, his designs are so exclusive that you’ll find them available in only four luxury boutiques around the world: Biondini in Paris; Bugatti in Dubai; Gaito in Zurich; and Mercedeh Shoes in Monte Carlo. And if that doesn’t make his work elite enough, some are available in only one of the stores. It’s clear that a Marco Proietti shoe is an investment piece—when it’s not lending your outfit the wow factor, be sure to display it alongside your favorite art!