Masha Ma

Boundary-breaking couture from an eastern star

What do you wear when you go to meet President Barack Obama at the White House? Fashion’s favorite frontrunner, Lady Gaga, chose a fabulous white suit by Masha Ma, one of the most exciting of the new-generation designers. Her signature sophisticated tailoring, intelligently subversive style, and clever use of opulent textiles nurtured during her time working with Alexander McQueen, has won her admiration. Among Masha Ma’s legions of fans are Naomi Campbell, Lana Del Rey, Ziyi Zhang, Michelle Lee and Zhou Xun, to name just a few.

Now she joins Swarovski’s exclusive roster of 120th Anniversary videos with an interview that delves further into her distinctive style. Part of the Swarovski Collective, she has also partnered on a jewelry line for Atelier Swarovski, and collaborated with Swarovski Runway Rocks on pieces for gothic chanteuse Laure Shang Wenjie’s Graceland album. 
This short video introduces her latest architecture-inspired collection, Hidden View, which shows how this star of fashion’s new wave is challenging her generation with boundary-breaking, breathtaking contemporary designs. Unbelievable.