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5 minutes with Ultracor’s Melissa Pizzuto 

Swarovski Gets the Lowdown on Athleisure from Ultracor

Ultracor is the young US brand with grown-up ambitions for high-end athleisure. Key to this is the fresh point of view offered by its designer Melissa Pizzuto, who is driven by the belief that a vibrant and stylish look will energize and motivate a great workout. 
Add exceptional functionality to this, and it’s a “no fail.” Ultracor has gifted us a built-in “shaper” solution that sets this brand apart: sewn into all its leggings is a seamless thong. The stitching is also unique to Ultracor, and this, combined with premium Italian fabric, means that butts have never been more lifted and bellies never flatter. Laser-cut patterns and digitally printed designs, which are enhanced with precision-cut Swarovski crystals and innovative Swarovski crystal Fabric, ensure that style plays an equally important role. 
What’s more, every item is made in Los Angeles to maintain the highest standards in design and manufacturing. The aim is to develop Ultracor into a complete lifestyle brand offering swimwear, accessories, shoes, and eventually a men’s collection, too. Part of that journey is working with crystals from Swarovski on its #athleisurebeats campaign for SS18.

We took the opportunity to get Melissa’s inspiring thoughts on the athleisure trend:

Is athleisure having a moment, or is it a cultural shift that’s here to stay?
Athleisure is definitely here to stay. It’s a reflection of a lifestyle change that we’ve all come to accept as part of our norm. Our indulgences now are exercise, healthy eating and wearing comfortable clothes. We invest in ourselves and in our wellness so that we can look and feel the best we possibly can. 

Is this look targeted purely at the youth market?
Ultracor is a premium brand available at high-end stores around the world. We are not just for the young, nor are we only in activewear stores. We live both in the performance and the fashion world, so any woman who wants to wear the most fashionable and luxurious leggings buys from us. Soon enough, men will be buying from us too.  

Swarovski Gets the Lowdown on Athleisure from Ultracor

Outside the creative industries, have employers begun to accept it as office wear yet? Is it possible to combine athleisure with tailoring for a business look?
Absolutely. For instance, our Swarovskituxedo stripe leggings look amazing with a button-down shirt and a jacket. Whether or not activewear is accepted as officewear depends entirely on the quality and design of the leggings, and how you style them.

What role do you see crystals playing in athleisure?
As a luxuryactivewear brand that prides itself in using only the most technically advanced materials and processes, it’s only fitting that we use Swarovski crystals. In this case, it’s Swarovski crystal Fabric, which uses a special heat application method to create an innovative crystallized material that will move with you. Swarovski crystal Fabric is elastic, tear resistant, lightweight and, of course, adds brilliance to our leggings.

For a while now, the press have been saying that sustainability is the future of fashion. Can athleisure help make sustainability cool?
Sustainability is an important part of our mission statement. Our fabric is made in factories that are committed to the reduction of power consumption and pollution agents. We also produce on demand, which means never over-cutting, and also eliminating waste throughout every aspect of our business. 

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