Putting the Fun Into Fashion and Luxury Into Athleisure

5 minutes with Juicy Couture

Juicy Couture teams up with Swarovski in #athleisurebeats, the Swarovski Athleisure Collection Spring/Summer 2018 campaign.

Juicy Couture is the proof that athleisure has been around for longer than we think. Launched by Gela Nash and Pamela Skaist-Levy back in 1997, their signature velour tracksuit was originally custom-designed for Madonna, who turned it into a major fashion trend. Remember the ubiquitous photos in the early 2000s of Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez in seemingly endless arrays of Juicy Couture outfits? 
If the best choice for reinvigorating a label is someone who has long been obsessed with it, knows its history, and is still young enough to relate to what the market wants, then celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi, 29, is a perfect fit. Under her creative direction, the brand has evolved, culminating in Juicy Couture’s runway debut at New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018 on February 8. 
So who better to partner with crystals from Swarovski in #athleisurebeats, the Swarovski Athleisure Collection Spring/Summer 2018 campaign? The crystal-trimmed shorts-and-hoodie combo, or crop jacket and joggers add luxury to athleisure in a big way. See for yourself and shop their full collection on Farfetch here.
As streetwear morphs into style-queen sophistication, we asked Juicy Couture’s Creative Director, Jamie Mizrahi for her views on the longevity of athleisure:

Is athleisure having a moment, or is it a cultural shift that’s here to stay?
Athleisure is very “of the moment,” but it’s also something that has existed for a long time and hasn’t gone away. However, new brands have now joined the conversation. For example, Valentino isn’t necessarily known for tracksuits, but it’s now showing tracksuits on the runway—this style of dressing will always be relevant for the brands that have been doing it for years, like Juicy Couture. Relaxed clothing is now definitely more acceptable in contexts where it may not have been years ago. There’s plenty of room in the fashion world for everyone to participate and every different point of view to be aired.

Is this look targeted purely at the youth market?
No, it can be for everyone—athleisure garments come in many different silhouettes and materials.

Outside the creative industries, have employers begun to accept it as officewear? Is it possible to combine athleisure with tailoring for a business look?
Yes, it’s more acceptable today in the workplace than it was a decade ago. You can combine the two—I often wear a pair of tailored trousers with a more relaxed sweatshirt.

What role do you see crystals playing in athleisure? 
Crystals have always had their place in Juicy Couture designs. A little sparkle helps to elevate clothing and make it a little fancier and more exciting. Juicy has, since the beginning of time, used crystals in its logo, so it made sense to incorporate them in new and more relevant styles today!

For a while now, the press have been saying that sustainability is the future of fashion. Can athleisure help make sustainability cool?
Sustainability is very important in every industry, including fashion, and implementing sustainable fabrics and practices at Juicy Couture is a particular goal of ours. Stella McCartney, for example, does an incredible job, as does Pharell with his athletic line.

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