Q&A with Galia Lahav

An Interview with Sharon Sever, Designer at the Tel Aviv-based Fashion BrandLaunched in 1984, Tel Aviv-based fashion brand Galia Lahav creates incredible custom wedding gowns featuring sheer fabrics, seductive silhouettes and ornate design features, including Swarovski crystals. We interviewed designer Sharon Sever, who apprenticed at Christian Lacroix, Pierre Balmain, Carven, and Balenciaga prior to joining Galia Lahav.

Swarovski: You were once actually taught by the founder of the company, Galia Lahav. What was it like to work with her again on her fashion brand? Can you tell us a little bit about how that came about?
Sharon Sever: Galia and I have a long history. We remained close after I graduated from high school, our families kept in touch and it was only natural that we joined forces after my studies in Paris.

Swarovski: How would you describe your creative process?
Sharon Sever: It all starts with the inspiration. Something tells me a story and I translate it into clothes. I am on a constant search for beauty—I see it everywhere and once something triggers my imagination, it simply flows and a new collection is born.

Swarovski: What (or who) inspires you?
Sharon Sever: Inspiration is everywhere: in art, music, cinema, literature or even walking down the street. People are a great source of inspiration—when a garment is related to a person, the picture becomes very clear.

Swarovski: Can you tell us a little more about how you are able to offer custom wedding couture dresses to overseas customers?
Sharon Sever: The dresses are handmade in our studio under our attentive supervision, so we are able to create any fantasy.

Swarovski: What are your favorite fabrics or materials to work with, and why?
Sharon Sever: I love lace and I love embroidery. The art of weaving lace and embroidery adds depth to a surface and takes any fabric to a new dimension.

Swarovski: What makes you decide to use Swarovski crystals in a particular design?
Sharon Sever: The reflection of Swarovski crystals is unique. Adding Swarovski crystals creates magic, and I believe in magic.

Swarovski: Do you have any particular favorite crystals or Swarovski products that you love incorporating into your designs?
Sharon Sever: I love using all of them, from the tiniest fairy dust ones to the fancy colorful rocks. Opening the Swarovski envelopes and discovering the radiant content is always exciting.

Swarovski: Are there any dress styles that you believe are flattering on all women?
Sharon Sever: I believe confidence and personal style are the biggest factors in having a “look”.

Swarovski: What is the creative process between you and Galia Lahav?
Sharon Sever: Each collection has a different characteristic and each dress has a life of its own. We connect on a daily basis during the whole process of making our and our customers’ dreams come true.

Swarovski: Is there anything you’d love to do with the collections over the next 5 or 10 years that you and Galia have never done before?
Sharon Sever: We are continuously moving forward and stepping into the future in our ambition to make our fashion house known worldwide. We have many plans for the future and hopefully get to achieve all our dreams.

Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever
Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever