René Caovilla

Venetian shoes that are works of art

“Our primary goal is to make people dream,” says René Caovilla, President of the legendary Venetian shoe brand. What else would we expect from a company that has as its motto: “Works of art called shoes,” and refers to its hometown of Venice as “part of its DNA”.

Given that this is a city famed for the beauty of its setting, its magnificent architecture, its sublime works of art, and one of the most romantic destinations in the world, it’s the kind of statement that raises expectations to stratospheric levels. But when it comes to shoes from René Caovilla—some of the most gorgeously opulent footwear being crafted today—they certainly do not disappoint. Watch this exclusive video interview with René Caovilla, son of the brand’s pioneering founder, and Edoardo Caovilla, COO and Creative Director—part of a series marking 120 years of Swarovski’s creative collaborations—and you will see something unforgettable. If you love shoes, you’ll love this.