Rosy Nicholas

IMG_8488For some time now Rosy Nicholas has been a great collaborator of Swarovski’s and we have had the pleasure to work together on many projects! Rosy is a big inspiration to us and with fabulous funky unique creations using Swarovski crystals, she definitely keeps the sparkle alive.

We are so excited to develop such a variety of crystal projects with Rosy this year, and we will be sharing them with you on a monthly basis! We are happy to have Rosy as a guest blogger to share with you her inspirations, creativities and show how you can do these at home of course.

Maybe you already know Rosy from her collaborations with amazing brands like Mac, Selfridges and i-D magazine, but we wanted to know more and for the kick off we asked her…

You studied at the renowned Camberwell College of Arts, but were you already this creative as a little girl?

Yes, both my parents went to art school so it was always a very creative house. Most of my spare time was spent drawing and making things rather than playing with toys. I also grew up watching lots of art and craft television, so I was always saving cereal boxes to make things out of.

What inspires you in your creations?

I try to keep up to date with what is happening in fashion, but i probably get more inspiration from history than future fashion trends. I like going to the V&A and looking at their collections, the jewellery room there is incredible and always gives me ideas.

What was the first contact with Swarovski Crystal?

I’m still quite new to the Swarovski catalogue, and there is so much amazing product to learn about. At the moment I’m just really enjoying learning all the different shapes, colours and textures and experimenting with putting things together.

What does Swarovski add to your creations?

I think they give just a completely new level of luxury. When I make jewellery with Swarovski it makes it a little less craft and takes it a higher level of quality. I’ve always been a magpie and loved anything sparkly, but when you use Swarovski you realize that nothing really shines in the same way.

One thing we do not know yet about Rosy?

My new year’s resolution is to start tap classes again. I used to be quite good at it, I thought I could make myself a really cool Swarovski pair of tap shoes, like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz”.

Finally, we asked Rosy five questions and gave her the chance to answer with one word only…

1. We know you like music, while creating crank up the volume or silence? Volume!

2. Favorite created piece so far? Starburst ring.

3. Favorite animal? Tiger.

4. One item you always have with you? Eyebrow pencil!

5. Bags or shoes? Shoes!

Rosy NicholasRosy Nicholas

Check Rosy’s Instagram for more images!