Sahrai Milano

The fascinating history of carpet artistry

In ancient Persia, when richly patterned floral carpets were thrown to the ground, the idea was that they’d make an ‘instant garden’ in the desert. This exquisite illusion became a unique art form, and traditional rugs from the Middle East have since become prized the world over for their exceptional craftsmanship and unrivaled beauty.
SAHRAI MilanoInterestingly, cutting-edge contemporary artists in the West, such as the UK’s Lisa Creagh, are now finding inspiration in these ancient patterns. We caught up with Rana and Ramine Sahrai of Sahrai Milano, whose custom carpets adorn some of the most elegant interiors in the world, to talk about the intertwining of rugs and art. Boasting a family rug business that dates back to 1830, theirs is a fascinating vision: 

In the 19th Century our family journeyed from the Teheran bazaar to rug-making centers throughout Persia and the Caucasus in search of the finest pieces. Later, the quest for rare rugs continued even further afield, culminating in the 1950s with the opening of several rug galleries in Europe. 

SAHRAI MilanoFor a 21st-century global market, our range reflects the meeting of East and West. It combines our expertise in Oriental rug weaving with the urban sophistication and originality of Western design to create luxury floor art.

We’re based in Milan, where our in-house Italian designers create exciting contemporary designs. Being an international fashion capital, we find it an inspiration for our work, and we’ve collaborated with some of the major labels.

Inspired by the light radiating from Swarovski crystals, we added them to our exclusive silk rugs to create the Sparkles collection. As spectacular works of art that reflect light around an interior with great subtlety, these pieces are a popular choice for our clients’ private suites, cinema rooms and yachts. The illusion is of walking on shimmering stars.

SAHRAI MilanoOur Sparkles collection is hand-knotted by highly specialized master weavers in our Ateliers in Nepal and India using the finest natural silk, pashmina, linen and New Zealand wool. Back in Italy, our crystal artists then painstakingly apply each design, such as the geometric Shinebright or the cascading Raining Lights.

Dubai’s Palazzo Versace, the Emporio Armani Cafè in Baku, and Rome’s Palazzo Fendi are just the latest interiors we’ve decorated with our bespoke floor art.