Samsung Joins the Party!

What the best-dressed phones are wearing

What better way to celebrate Swarovski’s 120th anniversary than with an exclusive video series? Due to be released throughout 2015, the episodes feature top creatives and brands from an incredibly diverse range of design fields—fashion, jewelry, accessories, lighting, automotive and electronics—telling us how they have used Swarovski crystals to push the creative boundaries.
The first episode explores the synergies between Swarovski and Samsung. Executive Vice President of the Samsung Mobile Division, Younghee Lee, talks about their latest project, the spectacular Swarovski for Samsung crystallized phone covers for the Samsung Galaxy 5. Watch the short video and find out what all the best-dressed phones will be wearing this season. Then keep an eye out for more dazzling videos still to come from the likes of Tahrun Tahiliani, Lobmeyer, Tord Boontje, Masha Ma, and many more between now and the end of the year.