Sarah Cobb’s Summer Forecast

Find out what we’ll be wearing when the temperature rises

Superstylist Sarah Cobb has been working in the fashion industry for over twelve years. She began her career at Dazed & Confused magazine, and is now Fashion Director at the bi-annual Bare journal, living and working in Brooklyn. She gazed deep into her crystal ball to predict upcoming trends that will be on our radars soon.

Tell us about how Swarovski crystals are used in current trends. 
Minimalism is the biggest trend right now for crystals. They have been used for years by a lot of different designers, and although they can look amazing covering an entire garment, there is subtle strength in showing simple detailing, too. Creatures Of The Wind added small stars covered in crystals to some of their garments, and they were so effective.
Summer is around the corner. What about seasonal trends? 
Again simple, minimal and elegant—a mix of light, whispy chiffons and lace teamed with heavier fabrics. Prabal Gurung uses different weights of fabrics to show how crystals can be worked in a very delicate way. 
In our editorial shoot, “Jean Therapy,” we mixed denim with crystals; what’s the best way to accessorize or customize jeans? 
I love the idea of something as glamorous as Swarovski crystals worn with denim. It makes them feel effortless and accessible. In one of our shots we used a crystal-embellished pocket on a pair of jeans, which was simple and yet effective. We also covered our model’s face with a salt-like effect achieved with a spray of tiny crystals. Beautiful. 
Any other emerging trends? 
Layers! We’ll see lots of coats, capes, hats and knitwear for Fall. I’d love to see crystals in among the layers—we don’t need to see them shining from the rooftops to understand their beauty.  
Can you give us an overview of jewelry and accessories brands that use Swarovski crystals, which you personally love? 
David Koma used crystals from Swarovski like jewelry—pieces such as brooches and pins layered on top of garments. Alexander Lewis literally added pieces around the neckline to look like embedded necklaces.  
Complete the sentence: crystals are… 
…amazing, beautiful, hideous, elegant,  retro, cool, depending on how they are worn and on whom. 
The past, present and future of Swarovski crystals in fashion? 
People are getting really clever and creative with their use of crystals. There’s so much to choose, from using them as beading to huge statement crystals. They used to have a much more dressy, evening feel, but now we are comfortable wearing crystals with denim, like in our shoot, and adding glamour to a slouchy, relaxed silhouette. Extravagant crystals teamed with accessible, wearable, deliberately casual pieces—that’s the future of crystals, in my opinion. 
Who are your favorite designers that use Swarovski crystals, and what do you like about their designs? What do crystals add to their creations? 
I love Tanya Taylor. She used beads in her most recent knitwear, weaving them in and out of the knit. It was so effortless, but it had such impact. I really liked what Tome did with them, too, covering entire garments in crystals, then teaming them with a casual, slouchy piece to create a relaxed silhouette, but still with a really glamorous, opulent feel.