Schield’s Disturbing Jewelry

A maverick brand with edgy detailing and an eccentric vision

Take two creative minds—one jewelry designer, one photographer—each with a distinctive creative vision, add them together, and what do you get? The answer is Schield, whose collections go by names such as Dripping Nose, Hypnotic Dancing, Pistol & Crab, and Fighting Crows! With jewelry that seldom fails to causes a stir, it was Florence that most recently enjoyed a showing of their maverick yet meticulous work at LUISAVIAROMA’s Firenze4Ever design event in January.
Roberto FerlitoThis luxe Italian jewelry and lifestyle brand has been challenging the popular design aesthetic with its quirky detailing and eccentric vision since it launched in 2012. Roberto Ferlito is Creative Director and the talent behind the design, while Diego Diaz Marin is the Spanish photographer with an eye for high-concept visualizations. Their gifts are underpinned and enhanced by the exceptional level of craftsmanship provided by the artisans of Forlì (an historic city that hosts many of Italy’s culturally and artistically significant landmarks), who produce every Schield piece.  

“All our ideas are born in our studio in Florence, and then produced in Forlì. It has given Schield that respected high-quality ‘Made in Italy’ edge,” explains Ferlito. He goes on to talk about his vision for the label: “Schield is more than just a jewelry brand; it’s a design, fashion and photography project fresh from the minds of the next generation of creatives. Its identity is rooted in master craftsmanship that expands into cutting-edge design.” 

It was precisely that sort of boundary-breaking confidence and dynamic approach to creativity that saw Schield invited to take part in LUISAVIAROMA’s  Tech Dreamers inspired by Swarovski showcase. This daring duo was made for the iconic Italian concept store’s latest foray into future-forward fashion, and the Schield pieces that Ferlito created for the Limit.ED collection didn’t disappoint.

“I made several jewelry pieces, such as the ‘Voodoo’ necklace that was inspired by the haunting Island of the Dolls in the mysterious Lake Xochimilco (an ancient lake located within the Valley of Mexico), but my favorite is the ‘Fluid’ necklace—it’s a choker that seems to melt like molten gold onto the neck. I love it!”  

We love it, too. The choker’s uncanny effect is typical of Ferlito’s design—the playfulness, the invention, and the unexpected detail that make pieces so characteristically Schield. It comes as no surprise when, digging deeper into his creative process, we discover that this gifted jewelry designer started off in womenswear, and is also a keen artist: “I am a curious person who loves art and experiences. In fact, my real passion is painting. I hope that in the future I can continue to express my creativity more and more.” To be artistic in so many directions fills us with envy—but please don’t give up the jewelry day job just yet!