Step Forward, Tatiana Lobanova

Winner of the Swarovski Award at ITS 2016

Kazakhstan’s Tatiana Lobanova was the truly deserving recipient of the prestigious 2016 Swarovski Award at the International Talent Support contest with her out-of-this-world, retro-futuristic pieces. Taking inspiration from quantum physics and the mechanisms of energy and matter, she cleverly played with the idea of the invisible strings that pull on our feelings and dictate our dreams. The result? Jaw-dropping, unisex, sci-fi jewelry. The girl’s a genius! Fresh from her triumph in Trieste, she gave us the heads-up on her background.

Tatiana LobanovaI heard about ITS five years ago, when I had just started my BA. I realized that it’s a prestigious and challenging contest. Also, the finalists I spoke to all had positive, fun and exciting experiences there, so I decided to challenge myself and enroll.

I have a jewelry design and jewelry-making background
. I graduated last year with a BA in Jewelry Design from Israel’s Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. I also did a design course using gouache techniques at the Gemological Institute of America in London.

My inspiration comes from different stories, some that I read, some that I make up in my head. A phrase can leave an impression on me, which triggers a desire to recreate it in jewelry.

I was overwhelmed by the professionalism and freedom of creativity at this year’s ITS. The work was executed to such a high level! I saw incredible colors, textures and a plenty of layering, which gave depth to the materials. There was also deconstruction of familiar objects into something new.

Crystals give a lot of freedom to add color, texture and sparkle.
 I tried to give each crystal its own place within each of my pieces, so that the structure and the stones complement each other and make the whole piece harmonious. I wanted to express the energy and strength of human character, the sparkle each of us has within our hearts.

I met a lot of amazing people in Trieste.
 I’m sure some of us will stay close friends. There’s an invisible bond between people who have participated in ITS that keeps them connected for many years.

As for the future, I’d like to apply my knowledge and creativity
 while working alongside a team of like-minded and motivated people to develop interesting projects in jewelry or accessory design. 


Photography by Igor Kruter
Model Irena Borisenko
Make Up Olga Krasnovsky