The Rebel Spirit of UNOde50

Still making waves after twenty years at the top

Madrid-based mavericks, UNOde50, set out to break with traditional jewelry conventions in the late Nineties by making just fifty meticulously handcrafted pieces of each of their unique designs. This year they celebrate twenty gloriously rebellious years of boldly iconic pieces.
José Azulay, UNOde50Proud proprietor José Azulay told us more about this Spanish brand that’s gone global without losing sight of its founding ideals of quality and uniqueness.

The brand emblem of a padlock has existed since the creation of the first piece. It symbolizes the very spirit of the product – it’s a metaphor for UNOde50’s “locked up inside” philosophy, protecting the brand’s distinctiveness and exclusivity.

Everything from the initial sketch to the finished item takes place at our workshops in Madrid. Each piece goes from the drawing board to a wax cast that forms the basis for a unique mold. Here we add a metal alloy to create our particular type of handmade finish. Once crafted, the pieces are silver-plated and then assembled in combination with leather, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and more.

Customers were calling for gold designs, so we responded. We worked for three years to get exactly the right color, plating some of our most iconic jewelry with 3-micron gold. Now they’re part of the permanent collection. 

We’re not slaves to fashion
. However, we are perfectly aware of the trends. UNOde50 prefers to dance to a different drum, drawing inspiration more from the world that surrounds us.

We showcased our El Cielo necklace at the World Jewelry Facets event in Shanghai in June. The design has an ethnic-inspired, sophisticated flair that required four months of preliminary work to ensure it moved with the body to exactly the right degree.

Swarovski crystals have featured in our designs since 2008. I believe we have found a way to make the crystals our own. We integrate them perfectly into our designs, creating a bold and daring edginess, which is what characterizes UNOde50.

The latest Spring/Summer 2016 Unlock Yourself campaign is set against the exotic background of Hong Kong, and represents the need to free ourselves from whatever blocks our contentment and development.