The Secret to a Perfect Wedding

Soul mate? Check. Perfect setting? Check. The day you‘ve been dreaming of is sure to follow, right? Modern weddings require every glamorous detail to be just so, which is where a specialist comes in. Former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Sposa and author of the hot new guide, The Wedding Planner, Giuliana Parabiago shares her secrets to making your big day one that everyone will remember.

I feel that I’ve arrived at this point in my career completely by chance. I’m passionate about fashion and the blissful world of engagements. Most of all, I’m curious by nature. I want to discover all there is to know about my field, but of course there are always new trends, new stylists, and new habits. It’s a sort of treasure hunt—not a job, but a calling.

Our lives are in a constant state of flux—customs and styles change naturally with the passage of time. I often wonder how on earth wedding gowns can be made fresh and modern when they start off with the same idea: white! Yet every season they are different, every year the designers respond to fashion’s seduction in a new way and mold it to their own attitudes and lifestyles. 

Wedding etiquette is definitely evolving. We travel more and often work far from home, so marriage has become an occasion to reunite everyone—not so much a ceremony as an incredible experience that can last several days. It’s a time of sharing. In terms of gifts, guests should think deeply about who is giving and who is receiving. I say yes to wedding-gift lists and charity donations, but no to money—it lacks personality, and it doesn’t leave a single memory.

In terms of the event’s look and feel, I think the very concept of formality has changed. We embrace manners and style as guidelines to make others feel at ease. In the past, weddings would start in the late morning and include a banquet—a stuffy event where guests were passive and most likely bored. These days, people usually marry in the late afternoon, with a short dinner followed by dancing. Everyone is included in the joy and happiness of the wedding party. 

Let’s get out of the mindset that a beautiful wedding must be expensive. The secret to a spectacular wedding is attention to detail. It’s the little things that make the difference, that catch the eye and give the guests a sense of flair. All you need for this is a good eye, taste, and patience.

Swarovski crystals can absolutely enrich the décor of the room: in the flower arrangements, on the tables—in fact, they can be cleverly and stylishly inserted everywhere!

My top tips for planning the perfect celebration:

  • Don’t worry too much about dressing up—look like you would when you are feeling your best.
  • Allow for movement and merriment. Don’t keep guests at their tables for more than two hours.
  • Take care of your guests: if anyone looks like they feel out of place and don’t know their fellow guests, it’s for you to forge links and make connections!