Virginia Varinelli’s Chic Looks for Summer

Think of Italian style and you can’t help conjuring images of effortless elegance twinned with superb quality craftsmanship. Indeed, the nation’s penchant for sartorial perfection has made Italians trailblazers in taste since the Sixties—arguably long before that, in fact.

Interview with Blogger Virginia Varinelli

Young Milanese blogger Virginia Varinelli is perfectly placed, then, to be a go-to arbiter of style. Her fun and insightful blog,, has garnered an army of followers keen to learn from her what-to-wear wisdom. Born in Milan, Virginia started out a long way from her eventual career choice: “I studied economics at Bocconi University in Milan, then embarked on a semi-successful career in that world, but I was soon bored, and realized it wasn’t right for me.”

Interview with Blogger Virginia VarinelliVirginia’s blog is a fascinating mix of the expected (gorgeous garments, must-have accessories, key make-up looks) and the unexpected (horses). Thanks to her passion for the sport, her blog features an Equestrian Edition, which showcases looks for riders: “It began in 2011 as a diary of my day-to-day life; then six years ago I decided to turn it into what is now my blog, which meant that it suddenly morphed from a hobby into a job. Then two years ago, I added on the Equestrian Edition—I used to compete, and I’m keen to do more.”

With the blog’s current theme focusing on summer vacations, Virginia is clear about this year’s summer trends: “It’s all about the Nineties, from the bikinis through to the hairstyles.” Packing smartly for a summer getaway presents even the most experienced traveler with a challenge: “Definitely denim shorts and cute crop-tops with wide sleeves, paired with a straw hat. Keep the waistband high, though—low-risers are out of fashion.”

Interview with Blogger Virginia VarinelliFor short city-breaks, with the dreaded “one carry-on bag” rule, she has this to say: “Always take mini versions of your beauty products, and stick to one color palette for all your clothes so that you can mix up accessories and outfits to create a number of versatile looks. Footwear is often awkward to pack because shoes can be bulky: restrict yourself to one pair of sneakers and one pair of high heels, and that will reduce baggage weight.”

“When it comes to a longer vacation, a bigger suitcase is every girl’s dream come true. Take plenty of accessories—bags, shoes, jewelry, and sunglasses—so you can vary your look very easily and simply.”

As for Virginia’s own 2017 vacation, she’s still planning it: “I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but my top holiday destination is always a little island somewhere with crystal-clear sea and super-hot temperatures.” Clearly a girl after our own hearts—see you on the beach, Virginia!

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