When Priscila Married Carlos…

When Spanish fashion influencer Priscila Betancort first arrived on the scene in February 2011, fashion was her hobby and My Showroom Blog an outlet for her to air her views on style and fashion.

Priscila Betancort

To say that she was caught by surprise by the speed of its success is putting it mildly: Within three months of launching the blog, ELLE Japan had called asking what summer trends she’d be wearing that year. From that point, the enterprise skyrocketed—just twelve weeks from hobby to business! So she abandoned architecture and the rest is history. Fast forward five years, and Gran Canaria’s “It” girl joins us to talk about her three-day dream wedding, the culmination of an eight-year relationship with life partner and fellow blogger Carlos.

How far ahead did you start planning for the big day?
The proposal happened in Tokyo, on my birthday. At the end of the day, Carlos took me to a spot overlooking the Pacific and asked me to marry him. This was in June, and although we shared the news immediately with family and friends, we didn’t start planning until the following February—leaving only three months to pull it together!

How did you manage the planning? Did you change your mind at all along the way?
We planned it all by ourselves, and had a clear idea of what we wanted. For us it was a celebration of love—no rules whatsoever. The only change we made was the date: my grandfather suggested that we marry on the same day as my parents’ wedding, and I loved that idea.

My husband got involved all the way to the smallest detail—he even chose my bridal bouquet. This is because I was pregnant at the time, and often exhausted; a surprise we saved until the end of the three-day event!

Priscila BetancortTell us how you put together your stunning look. How many dresses did you try out before you found “The One”?
I changed my mind a lot during the search. I had dreamed of a 50s-style short dress, but by chance I tried on a skirt and top I had seen in a photo. When I put it on, my father looked at me and cried. That was when I knew I’d found my dress. The best advice for choosing the right accessories is to listen to your dress. Once I had chosen mine, I then began to think about the accessories, makeup and hairstyle.

Did you opt for a traditional wedding reception with sit-down meal and cake, or did you choose something different?
The wedding was always designed for the guests. We didn’t have set tables because we wanted everyone to talk to each other—and to avoid unfortunate seating arrangements! The traditional wedding cake was replaced by a million mini cupcakes; this way, guests could try a variety of different tastes.

What special touches did you come up with to make the event uniquely yours?
For the ceremony we chose our favorite songs from our eight-year relationship. The idea behind our wedding was to bring our loved ones together, so by the third day we felt like one big family. Our dog, Petra, was the ring bearer!

Priscila BetancortAny tips to share with readers who are planning their own weddings?
Having an informal dinner the night before was a great idea—everyone had a chance to bond. The next day everyone felt like family. The women all had their hair and makeup done together, while the men had a winetasting, and then poker and cigars.

How about the honeymoon—did you go big, or keep it short and sweet?
Since I was pregnant, we couldn’t travel far, so we did a little tour of Italy. We saw Venice, Santorini, Naples, Capri, and finished in Positano. It was wonderful!

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