Evelyne La Hola describes her jewellery as unique, sophisticated and contemporary. All pieces are created using the finest Italian leather, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones and are handmade in Israel. 

Featured in magazines such as Elle and Instyle, La Hola is a label to watch! Evelyne La Hola prides herself on the quality and craftsmanship of her products; each item is created by hand and carefully appraised before being released. By choosing top brand Italian leather and Swarovski crystals, the designer emphasises quality above substance, and every product has a unique and contemporary look and feel.

The products are also at the affordable end of the market, ensuring widespread appeal. The La Hola products are chunky, fun items which are immediately stylish and accessible. The bracelets feature a stacking effect, so one bracelet can appear as if the wearer has four or five separate pieces on their wrist. The crystals are available in vibrant colours, such as pinks, blues and turquoises, making them distinctive and vivacious.