Vietnamese designer Jane Tran’s stunning hair accessories are all about maximizing style with minimum fuss. Coming to the US to study interior design, she changed course and instead launched her stylish and colourful hair jewellery collection in 1998.

If you’re a busy woman who wants to look great without spending hours on your hair, then these are the perfect choice. Jane Tran offers a huge range of funky hair clips and bobby pins in a myriad of colours. They are available in solid colours as well as multi coloured, with designs often inspired by nature.

These include ocean tides, asteroids, marbled, spots, stripes, flowers and lace prints. Finishes include matte, metallic, fluorescent and part enamelled. Heart and star shapes are available for that romantic occasion.

These accessories are contemporary but would also look perfect worn with a 1920s flapper style outfit, or a tight waisted full skirted dress from the 1950s.
Jane Tran designs are subtle and stunning, inspired by what has gone before but with a contemporary feel