Scottish designer Julie Hannay named her label after her inspirational grandparents, John and Pearl. Her designs are bold and fresh with confident use of colour and a strong emphasis on quality and originality.

John&Pearl jewellery is loved by Nina Nesbitt and Jessie J.From the very first collection presented by the John&Pearl label, startling contrast has captured the eye and imagination of the more adventurous followers of fashion. The PIGMENT range of fashion jewellery challenged convention by juxtaposing the rough with the smooth and the tough with the vulnerable and presenting this unlikely patchwork in amazing technicolour.

The result was a stunning set of vividly coloured creations that refuse to be ignored. Statement pieces speak loudly of contrasting shapes and textures that seem to have agreed to live side by side as an exquisite and harmonious whole. Linked in artistically structured chains, metal mingles with vibrantly coloured ribbon to adorn the ears and throats of those who demand that beauty be confidently original.