5 things you must have in your wardrobe this spring 2017

Nice weather is getting closer, bringing with it the change of closet! Today I talk about 5 garments that are on trend, and mixed with the basics that we already have at home, will make us get the best outfit this spring.

– Special Tops: shirts are coming full of flounces, gatherings, ribbons, prints … that drive me crazy. Over the last months, shirts and blouses are what I am using the most, because I am breastfeeding Luca, and the fact that they are coming so cute is perfect for me, they are doing me a big favor! Because I can keep a cute look and my baby can eat quietly.



Maxi earrings: XXL earrings have arrived very strong. Big crystals with striking stones, colorful, or with tassels, something that catches the eye when people look at us … Although I will keep using XS earrings, I like to wear the big earrings too, for those days went I want to achieve a glamorous look.



Embroidery: If you have not seen the clothes full of embroidery that there are in the shops … you have not been on the streets. It’s amazing how it’s all flooded with them. You have no excuse! If you get a shirt with embroidery, you can wear it with jeans and some ballerinas, or a sneakers and a biker, it depends on how you would like to wear it, but there are thousands of ways to use it, if you want more inspiration on embroidery, you can remember this post.



Culotte pants: Over the last few seasons I have bought some of them. At first, they appeared in shops with crepe tissue, with a stylish design, but now they have come in cotton, metallized, knitted… and I have them in many colors, there are also a lot of sporty culotte pants, They are very comfortable!. They look great with stilettos or with sneakers, you choose! It has become obvious that cropped pants can work for any occasion.



– Slingback shoes: You can find them with a lot of prints, with leather inside, in suede leather,.. It is going to be the best option to be comfortable and suuuuuuuper cute! Although not all the slingback shoes are flat, these are the slingbacks I have in my wardrobe right now, this pair of chanel. I think, they are very chic, they go with almost any outfit, they look good with pants, skirts and dresses and they are easy to walk with!