Antartica Swan, handcrafted art for your bathroom

handicraft-faucet-bronces-mestre with swarovski crystalsThe prints and name of the author have been erased with the passage of time, becoming a design anonymous. But it is said that the author of this artistic and so perfect swan was an artist inspired by the ballet of the 50s, a dance practiced by his wife. She, a dance lover, and he, a creative and born artist, formed an unusual couple with great artistic qualities, whose union was able to create perfect works like this.

The result is a complete collection of taps and bathroom accessories for an exquisite public that values ​​the quality and craftsmanship work.

New bathroom concept

Swan is a symbol of the Spanish brand Mestre and allows you to create a new bathroom concept thanks to the protagonismo that attracts the artistic and creative design of its pieces, combinable perfectly with bathrooms of different styles, providing personality and differentiation.

It is a high-end bathroom collection with a very elaborate design that offers a wide range of handles with different sizes and finishes.

Most of the variants of this luxury collection of taps include small and elegant details with Swarovski crystal in the faucets and bathroom accessories, which become the protagonists of the space.

This is a highly crafted collection, since the body and feathers of the swan are worked by hand carefully by expert craftsmen who maintain the trade generation after generation.

Art, tradition and design come together in this collection to create an authentic artwork. The result speaks itself.

You can see the complete Swan collection at their website: www.broncesmestre.com

handicraft-faucet-bronces-mestre with swarovski crystalshandicraft-faucet-bronces-mestre with swarovski crystalshandicraft-faucet-bronces-mestre with swarovski crystalshandicraft-faucet-bronces-mestre with swarovski crystals