Diva, 11 years of Light

Diva is an artist with a unique touch that never cease to amaze us with her works, despite the fact that she has been 11 years exploring the light and making it a true artistic language; she has been 11 years connecting with the very essence of light in order to create dreams, and experimenting and working with personal unique techniques in order to get the most out of the magic of brightness.

“The years are flying by but my passion for art and the magic of light continues to grow with a growing desire to evoke a variety of emotions through my creations. It is a great pleasure and honor for me to celebrate this birthday with all of you who have been following and supporting me since the beginning of this wonderful, luminous adventure”, says Valèrie.

Her spectacular work combines jewelry and art and seduces the general public with the irresistible glitter of Swarovski crystals that the artist applies by hand each crystal one by one.


Next August, London will host the first exhibition of Talismans, an exclusive limited edition collection of five artworks created through the collaboration with the artist Cherkesov Cherkez.

Also during 2018, will be the international launch of two new artistic proposals with Crystals Angels and Beautiful Souls. We will be careful not to lose detail…

More about Diva and her universe of light here.

Photos: Ivan Grey.

Dress: Gustavo Adolfo Tari.