DIY: Personalize your sportswear and rock the Athleisure Trend

Sport is in fashion. More and more people every day are practising sport and incorporating exercise into their daily routine. The possibilities and programs for this, whether individually, or in a team, are endless. All this is why a world of fashion has emerged around sport; clothing & accessories that combine function and style to make us feel both comfortable and attractive while practising our favourite activity.

But what if we personalize our sportswear to give it a unique touch that will define us? As we already know, this practice is purely one of trends & our gym outfits are perfect thanks to their versatility.

For that reason, in this post, Rosy Nicholas is giving us ideas to learn how to make the most of these trends and impress while we are working out in different clothes that will perfectly match our style:

-For the tracksuit bottoms I’ve used my favourite colour of Swarovski Pearl which is the pearlescent white pearl (I’ve used the 5860 in 12 mm). These are a flatter slimmer shape as opposed to a traditional sphere shape pearl which means they lie a little better on the fabric. I simply sewed them on by hand, covering the front of the jogging bottoms evenly.  

athleisure trend-This black crop-top sports bra, I decided to use hot fix flat back crystal to make a daisy pattern. When applying patterns like this I find it best to use my hot fix tool with the large flat plate, as you can cover large areas at a time.

athleisure trend-First I lay the crystal down on the pattern I like and then press the got fix tool onto the crystal and hold for 10 seconds before moving it around the area until they are all sealed on the fabric.

athleisure trendContinue adding crystal until you are happy with your design. To make these daises I used hot fix flat backs in 2304, 2200 and 2300 in crystal, and 2078 ss34 in various yellow/orange tones for the daisy centres.

athleisure trend

athleisure trend-Using transfers is really fast and a great way to add some pattern and sparkle to a plain pair of leggings like these:

athleisure trend-For a cut pair of sports socks, I used rose pins around the edge of the heart pattern. You simply push the pins through the fabric and then secure them by bending the metal prongs down flat using a pair of pliers.

athleisure trend

-These rose pins are 53302 in light siam.

athleisure trend

-Once I applied rose pins around the outside edge I filled in the centre by sewing on xilion bead 5328 4mm in siam.

athleisure trend