Dream Destinations

With the thermometer dropping below zero in the northern hemisphere, we’re dreaming of faraway destinations, new adventures and sunshine as soon as possible in 2017! Travel expert Nancy Bachmann spoke to Katharina Kowalewski about “conscious traveling,” the new travel trend for body, mind and soul.

What are your top conscious traveling destinations for 2017?
Bambu Indha
 on Bali is the perfect place if you’re seeking a unique experience in the comforting luxury of the natural environment and the wonderful service of this intimate eco-lifestyle boutique hotel.

Eremito Hotelito del Alma
 is a beautiful old monastery on the edge of a vast forest reserve in the Umbrian mountains, like a “hotel of the soul.” With solo rooms and no internet, you’ll find the space and silence to get in touch with your inner self.

 is the oldest (1692) and very beautiful Cape Dutch farm set in the majestic Cape Winelands of South Africa, offering farm-to-fork restaurant, greenhouse, garden spa, farm walks and workshops.

 is a mindful escape on Maui that channels the essence of Hawaii and helps you transform into your best self through mindful yoga, wellness, educational activities, and garden-to-table food offerings.

What is conscious traveling for you?
The new luxury travel is based more on experiences, wellbeing and deep connections. Traveling consciously means being aware, going with the flow, tuning into the energies of places and cultures, and deeply connecting with people and places. My work is a curated compilation of all these elements—from eco resorts to yoga and meditation gatherings, and healing havens to biodynamic farms. It’s a means of seeking beauty, nourishment and connection, and celebrating life in a way that can not only empower us, but also heal our planet. It inspires health-driven individuals and people interested in a new way of traveling.

You’re also publishing books on conscious traveling?
I’m in the middle of editing our latest book, Conscious Berlin, by Smart Travelling (www.smart-travelling.net) in collaboration with Germany’s biggest publisher, Süddeutsche Zeitung, due to be published in March 2017. It’s a beautiful magazine guide that inspires readers to live a happier lifestyle by introducing them to the conscious community in Berlin and explaining this new movement via sharing stories of change, transformation and healing.

Your favorite conscious event to add to our list?
Mercado Sagrado
 takes place in the beautiful Canyon of Topanga, California. It’s an annual gathering for the Conscious Community and Conscious Commerce founded by my friend Heather Culp. Taking the form of a curated craft, art and design pop-up, it’s also a music fest, a wellness marketplace, and an organic food fair.

An example for conscious living that you experienced in your latest travels?
Green School
 in Bali. It’s a truly visionary place founded by John Hardy that gives its students a natural, holistic and student-centered education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet. It’s made out of bamboo and has classrooms with no walls, farm-to-table food, and a yoga studio—all this in the middle of the Bali jungle.

Top three retreats to kick-start 2017?
Immense Grace New Year Yogi Beauty Retreat
 in Joshua Tree from January 26–29.Guru Jagat’s annual women’s New Year yogic nutrition, wellness and beauty technology retreat leaves you with a huge and empowering toolkit for health and longevity choices.

House of Experience 
offers a Tuscan odyssey that takes place at the beautiful Fattoria San Martino for two weeks in March/April. It’s all about sharing and learning in conscious community.

Aqua Equinox Retreat 
is situated amid the wild beauty of Nicaragua’s Pacific coast, with daily intensive yoga, meditation, healing ocean activities, fully charged food, and gorgeous accommodation, all perfectly attuned to the unique and special energies of Spring Equinox.

Goddess Retreat
 takes place on Mallorca from July 14–18, with daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation at RAMA Mallorca, with excursions to the island’s most energetic places of power.