Feel the Power: the Talismans Collection

The Talismans collection is transformative art, designed by Valérie Brusauro and Cherkesov Cherkez and using Swarovski crystals to flood a space with light and introduce an element of mysticism.When Valérie Brusauro and Cherkesov Cherkez combined their talents to create a series of crystallized artworks known as the Talismans collection, they set out to involve us, the observers, drawing us in as co-creators.

After their tour de force at the Talismans collection’s inaugural exhibition in London this summer, we wanted to explore the artworks and their creators. It’s a limited edition of five individual pieces—a fusion of vision and artistry created by Valérie Brusauro (known professionally as “Diva”) and up-and-coming artist Cherkesov Cherkez.

They are a well-balanced team. Having spent 11 years exploring the artistic qualities of light, Valérie has real experience and expertise. Cherkesov is known for his organic approach to art, characterized by the fresh and creative impulsiveness of youth. “Compulsion can happen anywhere,” he says. “In a park, during a lesson, in the middle of the night.” He is describing the strong, sudden calling to draw—this is why he’s rarely without paper and colored pencils. Valérie, on the other hand, thinks that creative enthusiasm gains momentum with time: “The years are flying by, but my passion for art and the magic of light continues to grow.”

Somewhere within this generational divide and artistic disparity the Talismans collection was born. Cherkesov’s beautiful drawings turn Talismans into a narrative full of passion and feeling, while Valérie’s masterful use of crystals and her deep understanding of the properties of light bring the artworks to life.

The collection is referred to as wall art jewelry, thanks to the three-dimensional quality of Cherkesov’s drawings created by using Swarovski crystals to add a sense of physical and conceptual depth. Valérie applies them by hand, curating the crystals to conjure dazzling color and light effects that blur the boundaries between fashion accessories, sculpture and traditional wall paintings.

Talismans are said to radiate mysticism and hypnotic power—a mood that the artists have captured in this collection with rainbows of light refracted through carefully arranged crystals that flow into the space between the art and the observer. More than just artworks that bring a sense of luxury to an interior space, with this collection Valérie and Cherkesov invite us to take on the role of co-creator, allowing us not just to view it, but to also be part of it.