Oversized garments for your closet

The hegemony of oversized garments has imposed. For a couple of season now, I have been including in my closet a lot of XXL clothes, I feel comfortable and free. This tendency takes center stage in basic items. I usually include one or two oversize pieces in my looks when I wear it, I do not usually wear a full XXL look.

As you have realized, I love big sunglasses, and so they have there own a special place in my closet.

Foto 1. jersey y gafas maxi

Oversize coats can give a touch to the looks, that is why I have quite few of them. In addition you can put more plump clothes under them kipping you ever warmer, while remaining super comfortable.

Foto 2. abrigo blanco

Sometimes we can combine more than one XXL garment in our looks, and also as you can see is the oversize trend that makes this look a stand out.

Foto 3.abrigo oversize

You can combine the cardigans with some skinny pants and you give that touch mixing MAXI with mini and you can have a perfect look without losing yourself between lot of XXL ítems. The secret is to play with the proportions.

Foto 4.cardigan oversize 2

An oversized denim jacket is a must,

Foto 5.chaqueta vaquera

The truth is that I used to use the oversized bags, but now with Luca it is easier to carry a smaller bag and we put everything in the bag of his baby buggy. Although I still think, that this kind of bag is essential in the closet.

oversized bag