Pedro García: the shoes fashion bloggers love

Finding exactly the right shoe can, at times, be rather tricky, and you have to combine several different factors that are often practically incompatible, such as comfort, style, quality & fashion… The Spanish firm Pedro García has always known how to best mix all these characteristics and supply the most refined customer, wherever they may be found, with an absolutely fascinating design.

Pedro García supplies women with the shoes of their expectations, offering footwear which has years of handcrafted tradition, the use of the very latest technology and a unique instinct that has allowed the brand to always be ahead of the latest trend. Proof of this was it became the first company to introduce Swarovski crystals to a flat, casual sandal, combining comfort and elegance and converting this comfy accessory into an authentic gem.

Whether it is for its spectacular designs, the quality of its raw materials, the comfort of its designs, or for its ability to always be ahead of the trend, the blogosphere queens always yield to the appeal of the Spanish company´s latest creations, as you can see from the following gallery we have prepared for you, and which will certainly serve you as inspiration.

Natalia Bonifacci (@natalia_grazia_it)

The Italian it girl, model & actress knows how to apply a touch of sophistication to a casual look thanks to stunning Pedro García crystal adorned sandals, which are true gems.

Natalia Bonifacci & Pedro García

Gala González (@galagonzalez)

The most international Spanish blogger is inevitably an authentic fan of Pedro García´s designs. On this occasion, Gala has selected a sandal with an ankle band that includes the spectacular brilliance of Swarovski crystal.

Gala González & Pedro García

Laurel Pantin (@lapantin)

The well known fashion editor, now based in New York, has also been seduced by this Spanish brand and, on this occasion, by the simplicity and sophisticación of this Pedro García design in which,  beyond the shadow of a doubt, ´less is more´.

Laurel Pantin & Pedro García

Tiany Kiriloff (@belmodotiany)

Of Chilean, Russian and Dutch origin, but now long established in Belgium, Tiany Kiriloff is a genuine icon thanks to her vision in fashion and her career as a t.v. presenter. On this occasion, she completes an exquisite appearance with some stunning Pedro García sandals.

iany Kiriloff & Pedro García

Miranda Makaroff (@mirandamakaroff)

Funny, different, and with a streak of eccentricity, Miranda is not only one of the greatest influences on Spanish fashion, but is also a d.j., an actress, and a designer.  Now, we can see her with two different Pedro García sandals, adorned with Swarovski crystals, demonstrating the versatility of the company´s creations.

Miranda Makaroff & Pedro GarcíaMiranda Makaroff & Pedro García

Sam & Caili Beckerman (@beckermanblog)

These two Canadian twins, who in their blog on street-style tell of their adventures around the planet, are habitual customers of the Spanish company, as we can see in the picture in which they are both wearing Pedro García sandals.

Sam y Caili Beckerman

Cristina Fernández (@thepetticoat)

Cristina Fernández, along with Siro García, has created “The Petticoat”, a space in which they display their vision of fashion, photography, and art. There, we can always see Christina showing off Pedro García designs, such as those in this image in which Spanish blogger has selected some flat sandals, adorned with Swarovski crystal, the perfect complement to a casual look.