Rosy Nicholas shows us one of her beauty routines

Getting your nails done is just that finishing touch to complete your daily look or if you have a night out and you want to spice it up a little. Today all kind of colours, styles and accessories are available to give your nails your own personality.

Pastel colours are totally back and rocking the trend for this year. I’m not normally that adventurous with my nail art; I nearly always have plain bright red nails and sometimes add a little glitter on top but that’s about it.

Sometimes I flirt with a new colour but it never lasts and I always long to look at my hands and see that pillar box red again. I guess it gives me that hint of 50’s classic glamour, which I suppose is the era I most look to beauty wise, plus it matches my other must have… red lips!

I used to bite my nails as a child, but now a home manicure is my favourite beauty regime to do on a night in. So, I was really interested to try the new Swarovski crystal pixie set. The set comes with two different sized crystals, 4 Swarovski heart shaped flat backs, a small funnel and instructions.

Here we go:

1) I started with a new coat of red polish to match this new crystal pixie set.

nail12) The kit comes with two different colours and two different sizes of crystal; one a chunkier red and a finer AB type pixie dust.


3) I used the tray to rest my finger so that it would catch the excess crystal.


4) I did a second coat of nail polish.


5) Whilst the nail is wet pour the dust over your nail wherever you wish.


6/7) Once you’ve covered your nail as much as you want, gently press the crystal down to make sure it’s stuck to the nail and use the funnel supplied to pour the excess crystals from the tray back into the vial.


8/10) I experimented covering the whole nail, just the tip or just using the heart shaped crystal.


11/12) I also tried the finer crystal dust as a contrast; I think it looks great over the bright red.


nail12nail1314) All the different techniques look also great together!


15/16) This finer crystal looks even better on a pale blue nail, so I did my sisters nails too!


17/18) Finished! We love our nails!


If you want to try our Crystal Pixie as well, you can buy it online at: http://www.stephenarnold.co.uk/swarovski-crystal-pixie.html

Let me know about the results!



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