Sparkle Like a Supermodel

Sakara’s wellness service has the answer to the dream body

Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle share the secret to a dream body.

Whitney and Danielle

When New Year rolls around and everyone gets back from beach getaways or days of cozying up by the fire eating chocolate and your grandmother’s Christmas pies, it’s time to get ready for an abrupt return to Realityville. Step away from the juice cleanse—it’s way too cold outside to sweat it all out. And your boss would not appreciate you starting off the year with a sick day or a trip to the spa. 

Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle have another idea: How about eating delicious, nutritious food three times a day and not stressing out about anything? 
The new “It” bag among celebrities this year is an insulated, disposable freezer bag.  
Supermodels everywhere are eating bagels, burgers and pizza for glowing skin and abundant energy. True story—read on…

Thai BurgerWelcome to Planet Sakara, a magical place filled with health, happiness and love. The word “Sakara” comes from Sanskrit for “with form”, which the Sakara girls have taken to mean: “turning thoughts into things and manifesting the life you desire.” It’s a winter wellness wonderland where every day is a gift and little elves work around the clock preparing nourishing meals while you go out and live your life. We’re talking about a meal delivery service-turned-wellness empire founded by Arizona natives Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle. After suffering from their own health issues living in fast-paced New York City, the girls searched far and wide for a sustainable solution to weight loss, clear skin and vibrant energy. Once they found it—namely, an approach to eating that encompasses whole, clean, hydrating and nutrient-dense foods and positive energy—they made it their mission to hand-deliver this philosophy in the form of delicious meals throughout New York. Their kale-infused kingdom has since expanded up and down the East Coast, over to Los Angeles, and now nationwide thanks to their recently launched Clean Boutique selling superfoods, homemade granola, muffins, probiotic chocolate, beauty waters, vegetable chips and “Empower bars.” 

Their motto? “Eat clean, play dirty.” The Sakara program is not a diet—it’s a full lifestyle that serves up hearty meals with a side of positive affirmations and self-confidence. Famous fans include Lily Aldridge, Lena Dunham, Erin Heatherton and Karolina Kurkova among many other celebrities, models and top financiers. They all enjoy the restriction-free, no-guilt plan that hasn’t declared sugar the enemy of the state, and most certainly does not count calories.  
For anyone looking to cleanse post-holiday debauchery, the Sakara 20-day reset plan is the ideal way to see noticeable results. They also offer 3-day, 5-day or 1-day cleanses, and options for any combination of breakfast, lunch and dinner, or simply lunches for the week.

Granola“This is really made to be able to fit into your lifestyle. So if you want to do one or two meals a day and then go out for dinner, that’s fine. It’s whatever you have time for, whatever results you’re looking for,” Whitney explains. They urge clients to eat clean à la Sakara most of the time, but allow themselves splurge moments from time to time based on the idea that a healthy body can weather any storms thrown its way. The Sakara cleanses are designed to be alcohol- and caffeine-free, but the words “never” and “no” aren’t in the Sakara lexicon. Words like “Sakaralite” (a member of their devout goji berry and tatsoi-loving crowd), amla (a superherb), umeboshi (a healing Japanese paste), reishi (a mushroom), kaniwa (a gluten-free grain) and moringa (a plant) are.  Sure the bacon is made of coconut and the waffles have chia seeds hiding inside, but they are designed to be first and foremost delicious, with amazingly powerful health benefits as a very welcome side effect. 

Choose the schedule that works best for you; let them know about any food allergies (keeping in mind that the program is designed specifically sans most allergens like gluten, dairy and soy), and the food will magically land on your doorstep. All meals are prepared with loving hands in their kitchens using the best, organic ingredients—local when possible—100% plant-based, gluten-free and ready to eat. It’s like having your own personal chef, only no one has to mess up your kitchen.

Acorn SquashAn ideal Sakara day begins with their magical infused morning water, followed by the breakfast du jour. Think protein bagel and creamy cashew spread, almond butter and jam sandwich, or their famous coconut granola with green goddess mylk. Mid-morning might bring a Sakara detox tea, then for lunch, a filling, nourishing meal like their jicama coconut wrap with amla dressing, a daydreamer soba bowl or youth and beauty salad). After another Sakara detox tea mid-afternoon, it’s time for a delicious dinner! Some recent favorites include turmeric spiced eggplant and ginger-lime dressing, a superfood Caesar salad with polenta croutons, or a cauliflower flatbread pizza with hemp and arugula pesto. Finally, end the day with some Sakara night water. Each meal comes complete with a nutrition label highlighting the nutritional benefits. Noticeably absent are calories, grams of sugar or carb counts. 
“There’s so much stress around food: How many calories? Is this going to make me fat? Nutritional labels don’t give you the whole picture,” Whitney explains. Danielle adds: “Food is information. It’s not just about calories—it’s data that tells your body how to function. It communicates with every single cell telling it how to flow and to breathe.” Their mission is simple and effective: “To help as many people as possible feel really good in their bodies.”


Photography (Food): Sakara Life
Photography (Portrait): Caitlin Mitchell