STUDIO TO STREET with Athleisure Beats


STUDIO TO STREET with #athleisurebeats

If there’s one man who knows about the benefits of getting—and keeping—moving, it’s creative movement director and fashion choreographer Normann Shay. After dancing and then choreographing for musicians, he went on to grab the attention of the couture world and began creating dance and movement for top fashion labels. Shay’s dynamic attitude to life is at the heart(beat) and soul of Swarovski’s exciting new campaign: #athleisurebeats.

It’s a trend that is bigger than ever—proof that fitness activities of all kinds are syncing seamlessly with daily life. (“Athleisure” has even been added to the dictionary—which means it’s here to stay.) This is a lifestyle shift: while yoga bunnies hop from mat to laptop to lunch, and Millenials choose sport and travel experiences over things, others are simply demanding that they feel comfortable while looking great. And with huge advances in performance fabrics, why shouldn’t they expect high fashion to fuse with high function?
Enter Swarovski. If there’s something the company knows a lot about, having worked with the dancesport industry for years, it’s the movement-enhancing properties of those myriad precision-cut, light-refracting facets. The crystal maison has teamed up with major movers in activewear—Juicy Couture, Kappa, Ultracor, Victoria, Mizuno, PRSR, NO KA’OI, Marc Cain, Caraa, Holster, Mariam Seddiq, Pretty Ballerinas and Roxy—to create a glam range of crystallized athleisurewear under the hashtag “#athleisurebeats.” And to put the pieces through their dance paces, Shay has shot a video of the sparkling “Hiplet Ballerinas”, a dynamic, expressive and inclusive community of dancers from the X-Factory and the Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance Center, whose skills fuse hip-hop moves with classical ballet pointe technique. Their manifesto is a rallying cry for the fashion industry: “This is the era of comfortable and socially progressive glamour: we demand to be free, to be active, to be part of a diverse community—and all while looking fabulous.” Go Hiplets!

Look out for #athleisurebeats collection at Farfetch out now, with further products set to drop at the end of the month. GET MOVING!