The perfect bridal accessories to be true to oneself

By Top Spanish Blogger Priscilla Betancourt, http://www.myshowroomblog.es/

Once you’ve settled on your wedding dress, you start thinking about how to complement it with jewelry, shoes, and hair accessories. Although I often say less is more, jewelry is nonetheless an important part of your overall look—it finishes off your wedding dress and expresses your personality. However, it’s very important to stay faithful to your own style. The smallest details make a difference—even if you choose not wear any accessories at all—because these will either provide a subtle complement to your dress or they’ll completely transform your entire look. My only jewelry on my own wedding day was diamond earrings, because I wanted something very simple.

Brands such as Maximo Betro offer a wide range of jewelry. In their special Wedding Collection you’ll find exclusive designs for earrings, bracelets, tiaras, brooches, and hairpins embellished with Swarovski crystals to set off your hairstyle and make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine.

I always think that accessories can change a look completely. Quite possibly you already know that you want to wear a tiara, or to have your hair pulled back to reveal spectacular earrings. Just listen to yourself and do what makes you feel stunning.

Carla Brillanti’s handcrafted jewelry, with its first-class designs, will make you feel like a little girl in a candy shop. You’ll probably change your hairstyle several times—initially, I thought of a low bun, but when I tried it I didn’t like the look at all. Just make sure that your hairstyle goes with the overall look—if you’re not sure, talk to a professional. Just take your time and try various styles until you feel you’ve got it right.

I also want to talk about the proposals of Efrat Cassouto, an Israeli designer of jewelry and accessories that is inspired by his creations in classic periods such as Art Deco and Art Nouveau. That’s why her jewelry – pendants, bracelets, rings and hair complements – is characterized by elegance and romance, but being true to the style and fashion.



Wearing comfortable shoes is key to enjoying the day, so don’t ruin it with inappropriate or uncomfortable (or both) footwear. Unisa has given a lot of thought to creating perfect wedding espadrilles that allow a bride to dance till dawn as well as complementing her wedding look. These shoes are embellished with Swarovski crystals—you’ll be able to wear them all day and sparkle all night in comfort.

Pretty Ballerina models set off with crystals are a great combination with romantic dresses or naïf designs. You need to adapt your look to suit the type of celebration that you’ve planned—for example, a beach wedding, or a charmingly rustic event. So be prepared to opt for flat shoes, if necessary. These ideas are wonderfully versatile, so you can pack them to take on honeymoon to go with a whole range of streetstyle outfits.

If you’re more a killer heel kind of girl, Magrit is a luxury firm that prides itself on its “Made in Spain” status. Its crystallized designs will make you look like a fairy princess, whether your look is nostalgically vintage, high glamour, or free-spirited bohemian.


I love brides who dare to use a touch of fun and color. On that note, I wore a very deep blue sandal for my “something blue.” Dressing your feet with Ursula Mascaró means quality footwear with personality, and the brand’s crystallized sandals go well with contemporary or classic designs.

The Ursula Mascaró wedding collection has a pair of “You & Me” sandals with a blue sole, so you’ll have your “something blue”. I also love these beautiful sandals with Swarovski crystals—also available in deep blue, which will give a fresh loom to a bridal look.

Whether you’re just starting the planning process or you’ve nearly finished, now is the time to have fun with the finishing details for hair, jewelry, belts, and shoes. Take advantage of all the new trends that give brides incredible freedom and choice.